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Cute but black pots in the sun may not be the best idea (read as "you are going to burn your plants!).

Easy Afternoon Project: Chalkboard Plant Pots
5/23/11 03:13 PM

The third picture is way more "retro" than "traditional."

I love the last one. The table looks too high for the chairs though - I wonder if people would look itty bitty sitting there.

Trad Home: A New Twist on an Old Favorite
4/15/11 10:19 AM

I LOVE the floor!

Linda Lewis's Kitchen Renovation
Professional Project

1/20/11 12:33 PM

That last one is not really my regular style but I love it!

Style It: Dressers Beyond the Bedroom | Apartment Therapy Boston
7/19/10 10:41 AM

I love the hanging planters but something about the whole thing together seems overwhelming to me. The shadows are a little creepy.

Before & After: Bogdan's Backyard My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/15/10 10:48 AM

I like the last two. The idea of having them in the back of a closet sounds like so much fun!

Doorway Trompe l'Oeil: Couture Deco | Apartment Therapy New York
7/14/10 11:50 AM

Ugly. All of it. Sorry.

Down Side Up Modular Collection from Fabrica | Apartment Therapy DC
7/12/10 03:33 PM

I recently tried Frank's hot sauce and lime. Fantastic!

Corn On the Cob: What Are Your Favorite Toppings? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/8/10 02:40 PM

This also works over baby spinach with goat cheese on top. The spinach wilts a little bit and the goat cheese melts a little bit... it's really quite fantastic.

Recipe: The Perfect Tomato Salad | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/5/10 10:24 AM

I LOVE this house!

I often start projects and then never follow though - this post is really inspirational.

Alicia's "Flea Market Faboosh" House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/1/10 03:19 PM

Franks and lime juice (either from the bottle or a wedge) on corn on the cob is my new favorite summertime treat!

Summer Heat: 8 Ways to Use Hot Sauce this Summer | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/28/10 01:18 PM

People don't really spend $65 for a candle do they?!?!
Jeesh, there are starving children in Africa...

Best Candle, for Looks, Price and Scent? Survey | Apartment Therapy DC
2/12/10 04:22 PM

The fourth one scares me. A lot.

I love the red and white kitchen in the #9 though. The floor especially looks very cool.

Inspiration: Red White Rooms for Valentine's Day | Apartment Therapy New York
2/9/10 04:33 PM

$229 for a bedside rug!?! Look in the bathroom section and you can find rugs that are the perfect size. Most have the grippy bottom too so it doesn't slide all over the place. You can even put them in the washer and dryer.

Bedside Rugs | Apartment Therapy New York
1/26/10 08:32 AM

I bought this one on overstock.


They love it. It doesn't take up a lot of space, you can hide away everything behind closed doors, and the price is right.

Donna's New Boston Bathroom Before After | Apartment Therapy Boston
1/21/10 10:46 AM

Dogs can eat egg shells; they're good for them.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | A Few Things To Do With Empty Egg Shells
10/15/09 06:17 PM

I live in a house with four other people and two dogs. We call it "The Hippie House."

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How Do You Describe Your Home?
9/2/09 10:43 PM

I would love to see what this place looks like from the outside.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Attic Renovation by 2C Design Studio
4/15/09 07:48 PM