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Painful. It was a Broyhill, and I've seen those go for $700. In better shape, but even so--this was gorgeous piece of collectible mid-century furniture that was painted to look like something from Target.

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/27/14 11:20 AM

That before picture is a war crime. Gorgeous refinish.

Before & After: Drippy, Blue Mess of a Desk Gets a Makeunder
2/12/14 11:32 AM

I remember the house my parents built in 1991 when I was a kid. The entire house was either wall-to-wall carpeting or 12" white ceramic tile with a fake texture. We had huge, heavy curtains with matching valences in every room. The kitchen had 2" ceramic tile countertops and backsplash, had pickled oak cabinets with no pulls, and this awful blue, hunter green, and maroon floral border my mom put up on the wall. And then the "kids" bathroom: pastel pink, with light blue stenciling. And all the fixtures--doorknobs, faucets, chandeliers--were shiny gold.

We had a professional interior designer, and my mom always had good taste, so I assume it was pretty late-80s, early-90s chic, but kills me how unadulteratedly ugly it looks today.

6 Big Home Trends from the 1990s
(That Just Might Return)

2/11/14 02:34 PM

Full disclosure: I'm a no-paint MCM kind of guy, but I'd have liked to see this (if it had to be painted) in a richer color. White always makes me think of Ikea particle board. It looks fine in the after, but it looks far cheaper than it would if the before was just refinished or if it was treated with more, for lack of a better term, grandeur.

Before & After: A Vintage Dresser Gets Light and Bright
2/10/14 11:34 AM

These are all beautiful, but I don't get why anyone would want "furniture for hanging out" in a bathroom. Why would anyone hang out in a bathroom?

The New Bathroom: 5 Top Trends
1/24/14 12:42 PM

I like TVs over the fireplace. The fireplace is usually supposed to be the focal point of the room, but the TV is the de facto focal point. So putting them together means everything works more cohesively than shunting the fireplace or TV off to the side.

But only if the mantle's low enough, because otherwise it's awful to watch.

Storing the Boob Tube: 10 TV Solutions From Our House Tours
1/15/14 12:27 PM

I would've kept it mid-century with the paint and handles, and put it on some legs, but it looks so much better.

Before & After: From Beige to Bold!
1/4/14 07:07 PM

Loved the before. I'm not a "no paint ever" guy but I actually felt a pit in my stomach when I clicked because I knew the after would be painted.

Then I saw the after and it's jaw-dropping. So I stand corrected. Good job.

Before & After: A Happy Hutch
10/17/13 01:23 AM

If it's a stairway to a basement, I'd say you're overthinking it. Throw up some pictures--you're the only one that'd be seeing it.

If it's the entrance to your house, it's quite an eyeful of stairs, so I'd say draw the focus away from them. Paint the walls, paint the risers to match the white moldings, hang some attention-seeking paintings, and get rid of the horrible continued baseboard from upstairs along the wall.

I wouldn't paint the risers a color, though. I think that works best when it's an unexpected feature of a big room and when it's on stairs broken up by a landing. Here, it'd be the first and only thing you see when you open the door--it'd be way too much, and just make the stairs even more overwhelmingly prominent than they already are.

Storage, I don't know. It looks like such a narrow staircase to put shelving. And you don't want storage to be the first thing guests see anyway.

How To Make Stairwell More Welcoming and Add Storage? Good Questions
10/11/13 03:49 PM


Will & Kate Move Into Their New Palace Apartment Design News 10.09.13
10/9/13 01:58 PM

I love how this looks in pictures, but I feel it'd look really cheap in person. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between contact paper and a piece of marble.

DIY IKEA Copper Side Table Hack Style Me Pretty Living
9/18/13 01:09 PM

Probably going to sound super dense of me, but where do the office walls disappear to after they're folded?

Super Cool: From TV Room to Library In One Sliding Motion Casa de Valentina
9/13/13 02:21 PM