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Apartment Therapy New York | Friday Photo Gallery: What's Our Theme for 2008?
1/11/08 09:26 PM

True, Kelly M. Point well taken. If it is more dangerous to leave them up than to take them down, by all means, use that as the diplomatic tactic--anything to help! I was thinking light-weight attachments like paper, but yes, lets be honest, it is a safety hazard. If this was San Francisco or LA, a good earthquake threat could be enough to yank them. I think the landlord should give two reductions on rent--one for the effort of removing them and saving him/her from a lawsuit and the second for the mental grief of living with that for any amount of time.

Good Questions: How Can We Fix this Mirror Situation?
6/11/07 02:31 PM

Wow. That's all I have to say at this point. Maybe also-cruel. Mean. Yuck. DISASTER. But it's completely fixable. Flat slick surfaces are easy to cover so not worry. Use it as an opportunity to use any 2-D surface for decoration. Sometimes you have the inclination to do that and hedge away for whatever reason, but this situation is imperative--you must! Or you just might suffer from progressive, irreversible vertigo!

Good Questions: How Can We Fix this Mirror Situation?
6/11/07 12:56 PM