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The Knoll Life chair is much more comfortable than the Aeron. It adjusts in a myriad of ways and it's also cradle-to-cradle certified.

Apartment Therapy - Lunchtime Survey: The Best Task Chair?
11/2/07 09:42 AM

I also live in Red Hook and completely agree with what betsbillabong, bklyngal and bird and beef have said.
The Ikea is the wrong project for that site.

wende in phoenix: there is a community plan for red hook, and it was ignored by the community board and city planning for the Ikea project.

The Ikea is situated next to a very large park with many playing fields for soccer, baseball and track. It's also located across the street from a local urban organic farm. Something like 10,000 car trips to the Ikea per weekend have been estimated. The added traffic will bring pollution that will affect the health of children in the neighborhood (already a very high asthma rate in the area), impact the quality of the food grown at the farm, and I think it will lower the quality of life in general in the neighborhood.

Look!: Ikea Rising in Red Hook
6/14/07 09:31 AM

Um, yeah. There's a reason that architects have to spend years in school, usually have a Master's degree, and also have to pass an exam and be registered by the state to practice architecture -designing a building is a technical and complicated process, even a house. People who think they can be their own architect because the have a "flair" for design really frustrate me. Would they be willing to represent themselves in court or treat their own illness after reading a book...Probably not. Architects, engineers, lawyers and doctors are all professionals. You can't learn it from reading a "How To" book.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Designing your Own Home
6/11/07 09:09 AM