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I really wish I hadn't clicked on this because now I really really want one. (Though, in the UK, we call it a "cheese toastie")

How To Make a Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time
Home Hacks

1/6/14 08:38 AM

Timelessly elegant and a fab dog. Oh, for a pool (or, more precisely, the weather for a pool)......

Erik & Paul's Happy Los Feliz Home House Tour
1/6/14 08:35 AM

I love the shelf brackets, what a great idea for a pop of colour! Also love the subway (Metro) tiles, we went with the same around our cooker. Have had a few negative comments about them too but, absolutely, to each his own!!

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Finishing Touches Renovation Diary

8/23/13 07:03 AM

We struggled with the lighting decision as well but - because we have a couple of pendants over the island - we went with the spots (recessed lighting) in a U shape which works really well.

Ours are really quite spaced out too. This pic is probably best to see them: http://1910housetohome.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/farrow-and-ball-downpipe.jpg?w=500&h=375

Hope that's helpful

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: Time to Paint Renovation Diary
8/23/13 07:00 AM

Love your style and the fact you've created such character. Where did you find the jewellery rack in the bathroom - it's such a great way to store and display jewellery.

Allison and Luke’s Comfortable and Eclectic Apartment House Tour
8/16/13 05:14 AM

I'm lucky where I live to routinely see some great old buildings.

But the exterior of this one, for me, is really beautiful and would make me stop and stare in the street.

Regardless of the interior (this one not really for me) the exterior alone would make me ache to return home each night! Sad (I freely admit it) but true!

Catherine and Georgi's CASA VEDA House Tour
7/29/13 07:17 AM

There's a huge amount of inspiration in this and a really lovely choice of colour palette and fabulous unique touches.

The clowns and the birds though? <shudders> !!!

Alysia's Stunning Vintage Sanctuary House Tour
7/29/13 07:11 AM

It's of a certain style that I can certainly appreciate - and is beautifully done. So, whilst it's not really for me I still think it's a great job and has created a very striking space. I LOVE the roof garden though!!!

Cecilia's Simple Beauty House Tour
7/24/13 04:42 PM

Incredibly opulent and yet relaxed. Beautiful.

Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation
at the El Dorado House Tour

7/22/13 04:36 AM

Nelly totally steals the show! What a stunner!!

Michael & Jitka’s Artfully Combined Townhouse House Tour
7/22/13 04:33 AM

"Dead grandmother" hahaha, love it!!!!!

I'm a massive fan of old houses (obviously) and really enjoyed this tour. Some of it I love, some of it I find a bit creepy. But, above all, I LOVE the individualism you have shown and the unique home you have created - good for you!! Be happy there.

Gail & Chil's \"Dead Grandmother\" Style House Tour
7/19/13 12:47 PM

Wow, I'm seriously impressed at the work that's gone in to this. "Soffit of doom" really made me chuckle too!!

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: The Last of the Demo, and a Few Surprises Renovation Diary
7/18/13 03:28 AM

Wow, those floors are stunning!

Found Treasures in Teeny & Aaron's DC Apartment House Tour
7/18/13 03:26 AM

We recently had a week in Corfu and only took hand luggage/carry-on. Originally the thought horrified me but, in reality, it was very easy to do. I actually still took home something I hadn't even worn.

And, oh, the satisfaction in sailing past the luggage carousel into a waiting taxi. Soooo worth leaving behind some shoes!

Traveling Light: A Few Examples of Most Impressive Packing
7/17/13 11:38 AM

Marking contents of the freezer is, I can testify, very important. I freeze everything and anything, including leftover gravy (why slave over that only to bin the leftovers?)

However, imagine my hubbie's disappointment the day I got what I thought was pasta sauce out the freezer only to discover, once defrosted, it was actually gravy. That was a very disappointing supper!

From then on I have always labelled anything that goes in to freeze!!!

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/17/13 06:38 AM

Flooring makes such a massive difference but is so costly!! We really toyed with bamboo and now, seeing yours, I'm sorely tempted to consider it for other rooms. We opted for engineered oak in the end though: http://1910housetohome.wordpress.com/2013/07/08/floored-by-the-choices/

Love your choice of tiles too, will be checking back to see how they work out!! Good luck!

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen: New Floors! Renovation Diary
7/17/13 06:32 AM

I really love your style, it's so personal. I have great respect for people who ignore the rule book!! And your (clearly very healthy and happy!) dog is absolutely beautiful!!

Jude, http://1910housetohome.wordpress.com/

Allison's 'All Grown Up' Townhouse House Tour
7/17/13 06:29 AM

Great article, helps me remember what is important as we keep getting a little overwhelmed by the enormity of our challenge!

Can't Buy Happiness: 5 Simple Ways to Turn Any House Into a Home You Love
7/3/13 04:43 PM

Love the Powder Room - great job! It's nice to make that room a stylish surprise. We have a disco ball in our downstairs loo (toilet/cloakroom). Yep, seriously. Makes me smile every single day!!


Before & After: A Gut Renovation
in Ditmas Park
The Sweeten

7/3/13 04:42 PM

F&B really is worth it, in my humble (and British!) opinion. The depth of colour is unmatchable and the flat finish perfect for any period property but can also look stunning in contemporary settings.

Good Questions: Farrow & Ball, Worth it?
7/3/13 04:37 PM