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Wow, that was a very detailed and informative link there! Thanks for sharing!

Help! Why Won't My Cast Iron Pan Stay Seasoned? Good Questions
7/10/14 10:32 AM

I've seen this method often here in the South. The bag supposedly messes with their eyes. This is the first I've ever seen about pennies.

How To Keep Flies Away Naturally
7/2/14 10:16 AM

Painting granite sounds like the worst idea ever. I'd say either cover it with something else, butcher block, metal sheeting, etc... or just deal with it. Maybe lighten up the rest of the kitchen and decorate with light gray and white or bright colors if you want to lighten it up.

Can I Paint My Black Granite Countertop? Good Questions
6/26/13 04:26 PM

It drives me mad when things are hung too high! Reminds me of the nail salon.

Try This Idea for Hanging Art: Keep It Low
6/20/13 10:35 AM

I am a grown up with an office job and I recently just bought a loom and supplies to make some of these at home... thought it'd be fun and it has been!!

Then & Now: Loomed Coasters & Potholders
6/18/13 04:33 PM

Potato Candy!! Always a favorite as a kid - to eat and to make. Very easy to make with kids. Here's a link to a recipe.

What Can I Make With Powdered Sugar? Good Questions
6/18/13 04:20 PM