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Totally cute, and the right idea, done it for all of ours; but sure hope that rock doesn't fall! (I know it's old and I'm sure your adorable child is just fine), but.........I would've been way too paranoid to have what looks to me like a rock tied on the wall right above where my baby is playing, but maybe that's just me. :)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Look!: The Prepared Environment for Infants
12/22/07 10:24 AM

A "ho" down Yoddeller, gosh you are SO clever, you are the "ho" that needs to go down baby-doll. :)

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: What Size Rug Should I Get?
10/27/07 05:40 PM

Oh Yodeller you are SO above us all who can't own the lovely "davenport" that you, you the person who gets to cool their snobby, hateful behind on. Lord, how I would LOVE to see a real photo of you, but Lord knows I already know what your life is like, you are obviously miserable. You really need to be pitied. Go see your Psychiatrist more often. :)

Apartment Therapy - Corona Sofa Series
10/27/07 05:39 PM

To the "yoddeling idiot" who likes to slam everyone on AT. It's not in "bad-taste" to register to have a baby. Not for the first at least, much more is needed to take care of a new life than even say two people being joined in marriage. You must be bitter b/c you don't have kids, or can't. HA! Like I said on the color contest, rot! :)

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Baby Registry
10/27/07 05:34 PM

I agree with all of the posters stating that the immense amount of rude, cruel, hiding-behind their computers, hate the world and themselves and their lives people so they project via design contest boards on AT and God knows where else. You people are idiots and even more so when you actually try to justify being such ***holes. I'd love to meet you all in a brightly lit alley.
Take-care and have fun rotting in hell, b/c if you don't change that is where you all will go. :)BTW to the person who posted the photos, good job, not my style, but that's beside the point, and I know exactly what you mean about not having enough money to have the luxury to scrap things when they might not have worked-out as we wished or having to work with what we have, those people who made those comments have either never lived in reality financially and are snobs (which I can't even fathom how someone could be that way, but there are tons of them, like I said before have fun rotting in hell!). So, I give you props for going to such hard-work creating the space as well as taking the photos. I really do. Take-care, and keep it up. :)

Apartment Therapy - #28 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/27/07 05:32 PM

I think your place is great! SO original, etc. I'm SO sick and tired of the boring "cut * paste" copy-cat, (yes, there I said it!), IKEA, West-Elm, etc.
You are right on sista'!
Next year I will enter my place, so all you basher's out there get ready to bash! I will laugh! And Dixie, look forward to seeing your place in the contest next year as well.

#38 - Dixie's Vintage Carnival
6/10/07 11:58 AM

I love it! Especially the rooster! :)

#18 - David Katy's Port Authority Pad
6/10/07 11:38 AM