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I don't use a top sheet & wash all bedding once a week, I have 5 santoku knives and 2 paring knives that I use regularly, I have 8 place settings because that's how many people my dining room can seat comfortably, I have no idea what cleaning products my maid service uses but it always smells like lavender & my night stands do match because the hubs and I both liked them

But I just got rid of my food processor, blender, coffee maker, quesadilla maker and mandoline. Those were just collecting dust in the cabinets.

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7/14/14 09:19 PM

Been doing this for years. I have a ridged pan specifically for cooking bacon in the microwave. Hubs doesn't like the smell of cooked bacon to linger so this method works really well. My bacon pan holds 4 slices so if I need to do more, like for guests, I'll just stick it in the oven.

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3/4/14 12:45 AM

I'll sleep in an extra hour (and no more or I feel like I'm missing too much), I take a short nap at least one afternoon on the weekend and I always go to bed at the same time as I do on weekdays. As for getting work done, I tackle a couple of projects so I can finish it on the weekend. Its a much more satisfying feeling to start and finish one project than to start a bunch on my to-do list and not have anything done when Monday rolls around because I had given myself too much to do.

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I understand that you want to make a contribution but please reconsider. My mother once flew 3.5 hours to see me for the holidays and brought cured sausages and cheese that she had nestled in her carryon luggage among her toiletries. They were her contribution to a dinner party we were having a few hours after she arrived. Not only did they not really fit the menu, they smelled up her luggage and I was worried about the freshness of the cheese. Your friends don't expect you to bring food. They would be happy with a nonperishable hostess gift.

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I cook every night & I'm a messy cook. That is, according to my husband I am. So we have this agreement. I plan & cook our meals, we enjoy eating it together & afterwards, he cleans up the kitchen. He is more bothered by the mess than I am - I can turn a blind eye to a lot of grime - so the kitchen is spotless every night because he does a much better job cleaning than I ever would. I have a gas stove & most of the mess is there. He uses a combination of hot water & vinegar most of the time. Every couple of months he dumps the stove grates in muriatic acid - the kind used in some pools - and the crusty extra grimy stuff comes right off.

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10/26/13 01:39 AM

I usually clean out in the spring to make room for all the fresh spring and summer fruits & veggies that I'll be freezing, drying or canning. In the fall & winter, I am usually re-stocking my supplies plus I usually (or always) receive food or kitchen utensils & appliances for Christmas so it's often a time when my kitchen is fat & happy. So early spring - after the holidays - is when I clean out old food or multiples of kitchen utensils & supplies or stuff I don't need anymore.

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9/26/13 11:38 AM

We once rented a house that had an awesome kitchen w/beautiful shiny new stainless steel pots and pots. And not a single non-stick skillet to cook eggs in the morning! I ended up buying a cheap one for the weeks & left it there. So I always bring a non-stick fry pan. And lately, if it's someplace I can drive to, we bring our Keurig too! :)

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