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In Belgium we have several ikea stores. It is not considered that to you are poor if you have several ikea things in your house. It has a basic status. It 's handy if you are a student or if your budget is limited. A few of my friends have a ikea kitchen, and they see it as a step in between.
I realy love beautifull design and good quality, but it is not always affordable...
My appartment is combination of vintage, lots of personal things bought on journeys, bright colors an some new stuff (habitat, ikea ...) One thing i don't like it is " the throw away culture"

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9/27/09 04:55 PM

beatifull house, very inspirational

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9/21/09 05:46 PM

Hi , a other alternative is Kewlox. I am not sure if there a shops in the us.

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