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Trader Joe's paper towels also tear off in smaller sections, plus they are recycled and not bleached with chlorine!

No Substitute: Which Products Inspire Brand Loyalty?
1/26/12 03:04 PM

Wow your home is really beautiful! I love the combination of mid-century, modern and antique. So elegant yet full of life! Have fun doing your next house, can't wait to see it.

Erin's Vintage-Filled Austin Home
House Call

9/16/11 02:57 PM

I've slept on the SULTAN FJORDGARD for a couple of years and it's definitely a good mattress and the support is amazing, but there are two things... one, it is definitely too firm for me so I had to put a memory foam topper on it so I could get a little sink into it, I think a heavier person might create a little give. Two it is a really warm bed to sleep in, maybe a little too warm for me. I'm already a warm blooded person, so again this might be just me. I would highly recommend it to a jumberjack in alaska!

Preview: IKEA Sultan Erfjord
A Year in Bed Project

10/11/10 02:21 PM

I have two linea folding chairs and I love the way they look, but just one caveat; the little plastic feet keep cracking and breaking off (this started after I'd had them a couple weeks) and DWR customer service has been absolutely nil about this... no response whatsoever. They do look fab though... :)

Apartment Therapy New York | Best Folding Chairs 2009 (cheap folding chair too)
4/28/09 01:06 PM

I'm just in the process of converting my whole closet to them.... the ones from bed bath and beyond, 10 for $10. love love love them! yes, you can't just whip clothes off them, but maybe that's a good thing to treat my clothes more gently. And even my most diaphanous and complicated garments stay on the hanger, for once!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sources for Velvet and Flocked Hangers
3/25/09 07:32 PM

where is the outdoor rug from?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | 5 Tips For Creating An Outdoor Space
3/20/09 06:59 PM

Also what about your space? We're not only talking glass vs. marble (I vote marble, but my ultimate preference would be wood, just to confuse things :) we're talking rectangular vs. round. What shape fits your space best?

ps. the Le Corbusier LC6 looks like it belongs to a bachelor who never plans on getting married

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What He Wants vs. She Wants...Dining Tables? Los Angeles
3/20/09 04:18 PM

so cute! and really useful!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | How To: Make a Kitchen Cupboard Message Center
3/19/09 04:16 PM

eek! what modern aesthetic is that... peewee's playhouse?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Caleido Radiators
3/19/09 01:50 PM

...but yay! Scavenger is here! Thanks Gregory!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Scavenger: Stickley, Moroccan Fountains, Bent Bamboo, Danish Teak and Chinese Ceramic Furniture Los Angeles Craigslist
3/12/09 08:55 PM

I really don't think that armoire is Stickley... that really doesn't look like any Stickley mark I've ever seen, plus if it was in that flawless condition it would be worth so much more! $7,000 - $8,000 easy.

Hmmm... does anybody know? Any experts in the house?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Scavenger: Stickley, Moroccan Fountains, Bent Bamboo, Danish Teak and Chinese Ceramic Furniture Los Angeles Craigslist
3/12/09 08:54 PM

Oh my god, everyone is so uptight! I think it's amazing and creative. And the overall effect from a distance is quite abstract and stunning.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Children's Graffiti Couch Part 2
3/12/09 08:39 PM

I'm with cvjn, there are hardly any Los Angeles Scavenger posts any more, way under what the other cities post. I find this resource incredibly useful... what has happened?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Scavenger: Danish Modern Galore...and Church Pews? Los Angeles Craigslist
3/11/09 04:26 PM

Understood shockthebourgeois, but that couldn't possibly be their only choice for shelves!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: Alexis' DIY Spice Rack
3/6/09 07:13 PM

Great idea! I wonder why they didn't put in shelves that go all the way across so they could store more?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look!: Alexis' DIY Spice Rack
3/6/09 07:03 PM

At first I thought the 'before' was the 'after'... I actually loved the 'before'. In the 'after' pic some of the new elements are lovely but the overall effect is too blindingly white. I REALLY liked the dark floor in contrast to the serenity of all the fixtures. Also, I know from experience white floors are a bitch to keep clean and unless you are rigorous about daily cleanings (and no shoes!) they look dingy very quickly.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: ABChao's Kitchen
3/6/09 07:00 PM

very cute cake! but "anatomically correct"??

Is this lego cake supposed to look like a creature with, ummm, parts?

Here's the definition: Representing the body or a body part, especially a sex organ, in a physiologically accurate manner...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How To Make an Anatomically Correct Lego Cake
3/4/09 03:37 PM

why? don't do it... it looks so generic.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Searching for this Area Rug
2/27/09 04:41 PM

To all those that think a person would be lazy not to want to scoop their cats poo or that this kind of contraption is ridiculous, try using a chamber pot for yourself for a week instead of a toilet. I'm sure there were people that said toilets were a bourgeois indulgence back in the day too... Now, not that I would spend $300 on this particular brand of monstrosity, but if they came up with an elegant solution that actually worked I would pay for it in a second; especially since I am a woman of child bearing age and I want to have a child, and the bacteria in cat poo can be deadly to a developing fetus.

On a lighter note, that reminds me... I have to scoop the poo! :)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cat Genie: The Only Civilized Alternative?
2/26/09 03:56 PM

oh gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy New York | Danish Ceramics: Romantic Florals by Jette Arendal Winther
2/18/09 02:14 PM