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I'm guilty of many of these things... and some of them I actually work to purge. Other things, well... getting me to let go of craft items is difficult.

Screws... I have a tendency to need on an irregular basis. And since I don't have a garage or basement, the "tool chest" is two drawers in a chest in the living room, those marvelous little drawer organizers you can find in hardware stores wasn't going to cut it. So I uses some of my old floss-holder boxes, which keep the screws, bolts, washers, Ikea extras and whatnot organized - and tuck neatly into the drawers out of sight.

Mugs take up almost an entire cabinet in my kitchen. Some will get donated... others will become planters. Nice, attractive small herb pots to go into my very sunny over the sink window. Maybe I'll even give some to family... I just have to remember not to give back the mugs they gave me.

I kind of like the idea of using the reusable bags as planters, but most of the ones I have are washable, and go in with the regular load once every week or so (depending on how much use they get).

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1/9/14 06:18 PM

The mint containers never really sealed enough for me to feel comfortable using them to hold spices - But that could just be me.

On the other hand, the straw method used for the ointment can also be used for seasonings as well. Bring a lighter along, and they can be resealed after each use.

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6/17/13 11:39 AM