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i love you, fire pit! if i didn't live in an apartment, it could really work out for us. don't ever change.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Etsy Find: Recycled Steel Portable Fire Pit
6/14/09 12:48 PM

code anyone, CODE? you'd have to construct, inspect, demolish, secretly construct, review voided homeowner's policy...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Floating Staircases
5/29/09 01:01 PM

it's craptacular.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Cantilevered Milk Crate Storage Bench
5/21/09 08:58 PM

don't get anything other than a smooth textured fabric, my cat unwittingly snags my duvet cover all the time

Apartment Therapy Boston | Flickr Find: Desperately Seeking Duvet
2/13/09 05:28 PM

Yes, HUGE sticky film! Don't cover anything you plan on uncovering at some point, or you'll be scrubbing with goo-gone 'til your fingers bleed. Plus, I've tried covering a few things, they never look all that good.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Contact Paper Resources? Los Angeles
2/13/09 05:15 PM

it's a future posting of "that's rather hideous."

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Green Glass Tiles and Orange Accented Bathroom
9/17/08 06:34 PM

a friend had one of these, he called it the "hot & wet," because that's all it did to his clothes, make them hot and wet.

Apartment Therapy New York | All-In-One Washer and Dryer Combinations Washington DC
9/6/08 01:07 PM

I had an aquarium fit into a pass through between my kitchen and living room. It looked cool - when CLEAN - which was for about 2 days after I cleaned it. They're a maintenance nightmare, and I can't even imagine when it's not next to a sink like mine was. Steer clear of the awesome look posted in the pic, unless you have live-in help.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Spacearium by Aquarium ASP
9/3/08 08:06 AM

yes, these are smart. and attractive. but don't ever be enticed by those electric towel heaters, they're annoying - they take an hour to heat up. a friend installed one, said it was a waste.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: Towel Rack RadiatorBoston
6/25/08 06:08 AM

I remodeled my bathroom myself and tiled over tile without problem. I went over white subway tiles with 12x12 stone. My only caution is that you don't get the same amount of adhesion to a polished tile as you would backer-board. So I would only do this if you are putting up larger tiles so the surface area is better for adhesion (much like when you get two wet plates stuck together). The only real downside is that you'll lose 1/2 inch of space due to tile thickness (which is slightly noticeable in small places like the shower, but was no big deal to me).

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Has Anyone Covered Bad Tile Instead of Ripping them Up?
4/22/08 11:06 AM

I bought a Dyson last year. It's fine. Personally, I wish I had spent $150 on a Hoover (or whatever). Save yourself $300.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Do These Carpet Sweepers Work?
4/15/08 12:38 PM

why stop there? i think you should put a air hand dryer, and maybe make the bathroom door not go all the way to the floor. that way you'll complete the truck-stop feel.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Urinal at Home?
4/3/08 10:25 AM


Apartment Therapy Chicago | CD Shower Rings by Trevor O'Neil
3/20/08 09:43 AM

There are plenty of paper towel holders available that are open on one end. How about mounting them vertically instead of horizontally and saving yourself $200?

Apartment Therapy New York | Rocky Mountain Hardware's Vertical Paper Towel Holder
1/18/08 07:35 AM

Room & Board. you can order tables to size, and choose from a variety of tops and legs. Just cut the back legs off. They look good and the prices are reasonable.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Where Can I Find A Similar Table?#comments
10/26/07 08:26 AM

the Gucci store on 5th has these really cool square ones in the mens dept. I've been in love with them ever since I saw them, but I've never seen anything like them or the ones you posted.

Apartment Therapy - Recessed Garment Rod by Colonial Bronze
9/6/07 12:08 PM

ballpark? $8495. each.


Apartment Therapy - Single by Boffi
8/28/07 10:25 AM

the quality of my West Elm cabinet makes Ikea look rock solid. It sucks. Buy with caution. On the other hand, I have a Malm platform bed from Ikea that actually is quite solid (skip the optional attachable side tables). And I think it looks good.

Good Questions: What do you think of West Elm Beds??
8/10/07 07:39 AM

Not only kinda ugly, they take about two hours to heat up. I usually don't plan my showers that far ahead. I guess you could leave it on, but in these days of being "green," that's unnecessarily wasteful.

Mr. Steam Electric Towel Warmer
8/8/07 05:52 AM

benjamin moore China White

Good Questions: Any Suggestions of a Good, Crisp, White Paint?
7/12/07 12:49 PM