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"whose spelling and grammar is absolutely inpeccable"

Had to smile, although this was probably a typo and not a spelling mistake. :)

Win at Secret Santa: 10 Coworker Gifts Under $10
12/5/11 05:41 PM

Love the kitchen sink. I've never seen one like it. Is that a style that's popular somewhere and I've just never been aware of it?

Mara & Alex's First Home as a Married Couple
House Tour

11/25/11 02:36 PM

You can do suggestions #2-5 and volunteer at the Salvation Army or a soup kitchen as well.

Celebrating Thanksgiving When You Are Far From Family
11/17/11 10:42 AM

This is a very beautiful home, and I'm going to steal the stove trivets on the wall idea.

At risk of offending some, however, I'm going to return to the wealth aspect. What I don't understand is why any small family needs 4000 square feet of space. And then when you think that it's 4000 sq ft in the West Village, one of the most expensive parts of Manhattan, it makes it seem all the more excessive. Someone’s choice of environment says as much about their taste and values as their choice in furnishings and decorations. Really, it’s an honest question---what’s with the need for so much space?

Doryn's Glamorous Return to the City
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11/7/11 12:33 PM

Love those Edie sheets, but how do British sizes translate to American beds?

Favorite Fall Fabrics: Cozy, Rugged Flannel
10/27/11 04:02 PM

Tech glitch, sorry.

The Tao of Furniture: 5 Things To Do When You Covet Something
10/21/11 05:47 PM


The Tao of Furniture: 5 Things To Do When You Covet Something
10/21/11 05:42 PM


The Tao of Furniture: 5 Things To Do When You Covet Something
10/21/11 05:42 PM

My gosh, I hope I never become that crazy over material objects. I met a lot of people from LA like that---such a turn-off. I mean, it's nice to have nice things, and especially things of quality that won't fall apart on you, but to obsess like that over stuff you don't have---sounds like a recipe for unhappiness to me.

The Tao of Furniture: 5 Things To Do When You Covet Something
10/21/11 05:42 PM

The trouble with this house is I would never want to leave.

My Parents' Beloved Lake House
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10/14/11 02:46 PM

Wow, $50 to walk through rich people's homes. And the money benefits their neighborhood, how nice for them.

Sneak Peek: The 12th Annual Inside Tribeca Loft Tour
10/14/11 12:36 PM

An extra bedroom so I could take in a foster child. They need their own space.

Room of Requirement: What's Your Dream "Special" Room?
10/5/11 05:03 PM

the back of that house reminds me of the storefronts you see in some parts of Brooklyn, where the main building is a beautiful old brownstone, and then they throw up some boxy plywood sign and large window in front, so you can only see half of what the building used to be. In this home, the back addition doesn't connect visually to the older style at all.

Agree with the person who said it would affect resale possibilities.

The New Victorian: A Historic House Gets a Remodel
Portland Monthly

10/5/11 11:48 AM

What gorgeous windows. The spare style suits them. I think I would want some blinds and/or curtains for light control, though. Also wish there were a floorplan.

Brad's Historic Music Studio Building Loft
House Call

10/3/11 03:37 PM

The windows are to die for.

Anne McNally's Gloriously Glamorous Paris Apartment
Architectural Digest

9/29/11 04:00 PM

Imagine being a scullery maid! First one up, washing dirty dishes all day and all night long, six days a week, and not even rubber gloves to work with. All those poor girls!

The kitchens are beautiful, but so much drudgery for so many. I'm glad all of it is behind us.

Victorian Kitchens: Design Anatomy

9/29/11 03:55 PM

The concrete floor will be painful to stand on after a while. You'll either need some really good cushiony mats, or maybe the wood floor would be good (I would use a mat on that too!).

How To Extend This Storage-Challenged Kitchen?
Good Questions

9/27/11 06:28 PM

I used to have 11-ft windows looking down from the 12th floor over Trinity Church in the NYC Financial District. Every morning I'd go stand at the window and see what the city was doing, and marvel at the architecture. Sometimes I'd stick my head out the window for a peek of the Hudson River. It was thrilling and calming and breathtaking all at the same time, and I loved every minute of it.

The building charged higher rents by floor, but I found I didn't like the view as much 10 floors up because I couldn't see the church as well. I'll probably never have a place again with an amazing view like that, but to me, it would be worth paying more for a great view if I could afford it.

Facts & Figures: How Much is a View Worth?
9/21/11 12:06 PM

I used to have a beige sofa and I hated it---a big boring blob right in the middle of my living room. Throws & pillows can help, but a great colorful patterned rug would give you even more visual balance. And then if you buy a chair to replace the beanbag, you'll have a cohesive look for the room.

Nice room, btw. Jealous of the windows!

Sophisticated Living Room with Beige Sofa?
Good Questions

9/20/11 01:27 PM

Where is that last rug from (the teal one)? That's the kind of rug I want.

Finding The Right Rug
9/19/11 12:40 PM