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Storage is a waste of money! Just get rid of anything you are using, doesn't match your decor and are storing because of the heirloom guilt.

How To Consolidate Before A Move
1/10/12 04:13 PM

How about trying a pocket shower curtain?

Help Me Find Similar Shower Storage Caddy?
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8/24/11 06:14 PM

Ask why they are selling it.

Ask if they remember when and where it was purchased.

Check corner seams for bed bugs.

For those of us who have travelled the world and know that a used mattress from an affluent house is not the worst place to rest your head. Happy Hunting!

Tips for Finding a Mattress on Craigslist
8/24/11 05:55 PM

Love it or Leave it!
I love the red desk and it will be years before you find a replacement, right?
We moved our studio apartment furniture into a larger place and the new place looks HUMONGOUS thanks to the small scale of the furniture.
Our old desk (which fit perfectly with the old bay window) now makes a great bar counter.

Sell or Move This Furniture?
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8/10/11 01:22 PM

Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, NV22L. Lighter and cheaper than dyson. you're welcome.

Do You Have a Household Tool You Can't Live Without?
7/5/11 06:58 PM

Perhaps fabric redi shades on the bottom half of the window?

Ideas For Living Room Window Treatment?
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7/5/11 06:55 PM

Love this! So refreshing for this site.

Lola & Eric's Sweet, Streamlined Home
Green Tour

6/29/11 07:15 PM

Loft the bed near the kitchen- desk underneath (via Terence Conran's house book)

Make the couples room on far left a "transitional" day time use area- (think of Japanese houses where all rooms are used all the time- not just for sleeping in )

Layout Suggestions In Awkwardly Shaped Apartment?
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6/9/11 05:44 PM

Asian taste chiming in here. Just do red on the overhang above the door. Trim the front bushes to to the width of the front entrance to recreate a strong vertical line. The red entrance and green bushes will be nice. The house could be a lovely gray shade or another neutral. ( you can emphasis the red with another tonal variation on it on the inner part of that overhang- which is visible in the photo you uploaded).

What Color Would You Paint this House?
5/31/11 07:28 PM

I agree with the redi-shades comment. They are lovely and filter light like Japanese paper. We hung them on the bottom half of our windows. Use rubbing alcohol to prepare the surface for the adhesive.

Help With Hanging Roller Shades?
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12/16/10 06:06 PM