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I do these with regular bacon, Marcona almonds & small sticks of Parmigiano Reggiano. With thinner-sliced bacon they don't need a full 20 minutes--mine are usually done in 10-15.

Party Appetizer Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Almonds Recipes from The Kitchn
12/27/13 03:13 PM

I've been doing this, but without the plastic bag, and it totally works. (And without the plastic bag, it's pretty!) I've been getting as much as two weeks from a bunch--I actually finish it before it gets cruddy now. Just change the water every few days, and pull out any stems that look funky.

The Best Way to Keep Basil Fresh
7/30/13 10:56 AM

Sorry, jdbknits, I should've included that! They're Chicken (Pot) Handpies from Parents Need to Eat Too, my cookbook. Epicurious has the recipe:

Eat Lunch Like a Mom: One-Handed Meal Ideas for Busy People Guest Post from Debbie Koenig of Parents Need to Eat Too
3/13/13 12:49 PM

@sirdebo & @blueyedawn, that's the rolled-up pancake I mention in #5!

Eat Breakfast Like a Mom:
6 Smart Breakfast Tips for Everyone Guest Post from Debbie Koenig of Parents Need to Eat Too

3/7/13 05:51 PM

For folks who don't make candy regularly, caramel *isn't* easy, so this trick was a game-changer for me. The microwave thing is actually a Cook's Illustrated idea--at the bottom of Ali's post you'll see a link to mine, which gives a hat tip to the original source.

@karacooks, many people are avoiding high fructose corn syrup, which is much more processed and entirely different from the kind used as an ingredient in the home kitchen.

Make Caramel Sauce In the Microwave In Less Than 10 Minutes
Gimmie Some Oven

2/13/13 08:53 AM

I learned from a farmer that the best indicator is a large yellow patch on one side--it indicates it's been lying in the field on that side for a good long while, ripening & getting sweeter. Smaller patch, or white rather than yellow = picked sooner. Works for me every time.

The Best Way to Pick a Watermelon
6/8/12 12:23 PM

Caramelize onions overnight in the slow cooker: takes many hours, but almost no work. And you can fill that sucker almost to the top, so you'll have a nice big batch when you wake up in the morning. So nice in an omelet. too...

Why Recipe Writers Lie About Caramelizing Onions Slate
5/3/12 12:39 PM

I have those in green! LOVE them.

Wipeable and Cheap: My Favorite Round, Everyday Placemats
4/19/12 01:44 PM

We did the two-meal thing when my son was little, since my husband often didn't get home until 8 and I wanted to have some grown-up time with him over dinner. MISTAKE. My omnivorous baby became a non-nivorous two-year-old, and now at age 5 he's one of the pickiest kids I know. (And I'm a food writer, too--I just wrote about this for the Huffington Post, if you're curious:

3 Tips for Still Having Family Dinner When Your Kid Eats at 5:00
3/20/12 11:41 AM

I do them super-slowly, overnight in the slow cooker. Literally, you put them in the insert with a bit of oil, maybe some thyme sprigs, turn it on low, and walk away. Wake up in the morning to perfectly caramelized onions.

Fast Flavor: The Quickest Way to Caramelize an Onion
1/5/12 11:50 AM

These are fab but dang, why does "cat" immediately equal "girl" (and "dog" equal "boy")? We have a cat; my son loves cats. So I'd like to find him a lunchbox or backpack with a cat theme. And they're all pink! I don't mind pink for him, but he's already aware of the gender significance & refuses the color. Anybody seen a cat bag that's gender-neutral? That Sugarbooger site has a BowMeow pattern that's great, but it doesn't come in a lunchbox size, just a sack.

Cool for School: Lunch Bags for Toddlers and Young Kids
8/19/11 04:15 PM

@Jane, it was Harry's first-ever concoction that was 100% his own. As I recall it included: pomegranate juice, dried apple rings, banana chips, and large green olives. Absolutely disgusting, but he loved it. I think the silly straw was the cherry on top, if you know what I mean.

Meet Debbie Koenig of Words to Eat By
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2/18/11 08:35 PM

Name: Wasabimon

Name: My Kids Eat Squid

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1/20/11 07:23 PM

Name: Frugal Kiwi

The Homies: Best Green Home Blog of 2011?
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1/20/11 07:21 PM

That looks fantastic! Over at Words to Eat By it's Soup Week 2010, which will end with a links roundup. I'll add this one.

Soup Recipe: Ribollita (The Ultimate Leftovers Soup)
11/12/10 11:04 AM

My Oster's been running strong since 1993. Every time I think I should upgrade (mostly because it's not the prettiest thing anymore) I realize that's just plain silly. If it ain't broke...

Best Reviewed Blenders For Summer Consumer Reports | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/3/10 09:59 PM

I'm with digigirl: Totally depends on knowing your oven. If I don't rotate in mine, one side of the cookie sheet burns before the other is fully baked. Crappy-ass old oven, cheap-ass landlord. Plus if my oven thermometer is to be believed (the internal one I bought, not the gauge on the oven itself), there's not much heat loss in the few seconds it takes to turn--certainly not enough to affect baking time.

A Baking Debate: To Rotate or Not To Rotate While Baking? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/24/10 01:09 PM

Saveur's technique for Perfect Brown Rice really is perfect. Absolutely foolproof.

How To Cook Brown Rice | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
4/12/10 08:07 PM

Another Gastrokid fan here.

And I'll add a shoutout to Chowmama.

I'm going to sneak in some self-promotion too... Over the last year or two my food blog has come to focus on feeding a picky toddler/now preschooler. But I'm also addressing that stressful period when there's a new baby in the house, when you can barely see straight and takeout (again) just seems so much easier... I teach a cooking class for new parents called Parents Need to Eat Too, and I'm writing a cookbook of the same name for Harpercollins, to be published next year.

Whoa. That's a whole lotta self-promotion.

Great Kids Food Sites and Blogs | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
3/3/10 09:51 PM

To those who'd like to do oats overnight in the slow cooker but have issues w/the crust factor: Use a water bath! Details here:

Slow and Easy: How to Cook Perfect Steel-Cut Oats | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/5/10 12:03 PM