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hmmm... FULL tour please?? and renovation process details please? beautiful comfortable house... love to party there too.... :)

Cara's Perfect Starter Home Bungalow House Call
5/11/12 04:45 PM

In terms of style, it seems the "Fol-D-Rakā„¢" from the Container Store is much closer to the Hay rack... Even better, that is made in the USA at a very good price :)


Look for Less: Hay Standing Wardrobe
5/5/12 02:40 AM

THis is SIMPLY AMAZING, pretty & all areas covered in such a small space... the Small Cool Contest puts me to shame every single year! :(

Michelle's Dream Space Small Cool Contest
4/30/12 09:14 PM

absolutely need more photos especially those of the kitchen & bathroom... how can that be possible.. :) ?? love it nice & clean... LOVE the furniture.... personally i would mix & match them but they r so scrumptious! :)

Diana's Skylit Studio Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 12:32 AM

"weiner wasser" - Yep seems like Vienna is also very proud of its water :) LOL comments r so cute & funny...

Christian's Creative Playground Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 12:30 AM

"two photos been combined into one so as to have more shots etc)" - i think you are right on... two photos...
I love to see a full blown tour... maybe if it does win ... then AT will do a full tour? :) very nice!

Christian's Creative Playground Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 12:29 AM

Yeah... where is the rest of the tour.... this place is desperately in need of "A FULL HOUSE TOUR!" :)

David & John's Deco Meets Modern House Call
4/7/12 02:51 AM

finally someone mentioned the MAO poster. Personally i would never hang that up. However, good thing about being in a free country is that you can do whatever you want without hurting other people. These home-owners have absolute right to hang that in their hosue, as many as they want. BEAUTIFUL house! Really pretty. Merry Xmas to you all!

Klemens & Robert's Sophisticated Eastern Mix
House Tour

12/11/11 03:45 AM

Why is this ONLY a house call? This place deserves a TOUR!

Lynette & Cameron's Two Story Loft
House Call

7/10/11 05:48 AM

It's a BEAUTIFUL house!! do agree w/1 commenter that the LR seems 2 be more cluttered than the rest of the house but it is still gorgeous!! However, after viewing the farmhouse tour, my personal preference is still the more relaxed, frugal, less contrived style of the farmhouse! You can relax without remembering all the designer's names and the price tags of all the gorgeous LA pieces! haha, just saying.... :)

Minh & Ted's Lovingly Renovated Home
House Tour

7/10/11 05:46 AM

Do wish to see more picturess and maybe a floor plan too! :)

Shannan & Cory's Geek Chic Farmhouse
House Tour

7/10/11 05:16 AM

I love the house! Farmhouse is one of my favs & i am dreaming one day i can actually own one in the country! Those old wood furniture effortlessly coming together so clean & as other commenters say, "unpretentious"! Great job! may it's just me, i love the American Flag up front too!

Shannan & Cory's Geek Chic Farmhouse
House Tour

7/10/11 05:16 AM

yeah, the couch should go. There needs to be a weathered leather couch/sofa in its place... makes a BIG difference...

Dante's Charming Spanish Flat
House Tour

6/2/11 07:50 AM

Yes! I would say house tour!! LOVE this. Thanks!! or if you have a personal blog with the tour we would love that too! ;)

Tara & Ryan's Swedish-Industrial-Ruralist Weekend Home
House Call

2/20/11 06:20 AM

oh sorry, is that a frontyard or a backyard?? i may be very mistaken... :P FB

Sael's Spanish Style in Silverlake House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/15/10 08:01 PM

love the house! except the tiles on the bathroom floor... yike... that does not go with the beautiful wood wall! maybe a sisal rug can fix that?? and, the house is beautiful... the frontyard, like a lot of LA homes, does need a bit of attention...maybe some groundcovers which requires little water and look great... BUT I LOVE the interiors.... just so relaxing... especially LOVE the big US Flag.... :) FB

Sael's Spanish Style in Silverlake House Call | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/15/10 07:58 PM

I love this space.... wonderful... beautiful and haha, quite minimalist... I am gonna send this to my husband and maybe we can also finally come to a compromise... :) btw, where can we get the "marriage" frame/card on your bedroom side table?? I need one!!!! :) FB

Emily and Meeko's Sunny First Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
7/15/10 02:33 AM

I love love love your backyard!!! Do you by any chance have more pictures somewhere?? I can't imagine you and your husband pretty much did everything yourself!!! Could I ask for some pointers here?? would love to convert parts of my backyard into the pavered and stoned patio?? Yours is the style I really like... thanks in advance! FB

Juliana's Family-Friendly Backyard My Great Outdoors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/14/10 04:11 PM

Congrats again Chris! So are we going to have a house tour of your apartment now?? a detailed one? did I miss anything? Can't wait to see the nooks and crannies of it....

Small Cool 2010: Chris's Furniture Tetris Tiny Division #2 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
6/19/10 03:20 PM

I am weird... I like option 2... it looks much better and the black and white gives the space some calm. The length of the frame also goes along the shelf. I like option 2.

The Spring Cure: Throwing A Party! Week 8 - Show & Tell | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/12/10 06:04 PM