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I recently went through this with a new neighbour that moved into the apartment next to mine. We had been happily living in our apartment for 6 years, when BAM a new smoking neighbour made our living situation almost unlivable.

The wall that we share has both our stove flue and bathroom fan - and the smoke was seeping into our apartment and making us both feel very sick and upset! We seem to have rectified the situation - we marched over (albeit softly, knowing we would catch more bees with honey) and explained the smoke was invading our apartment. He immediately offered to cover all the vents that could lead to our apartment, and do his best to smoke only at the front of the apartment. It's now been a month and we no longer have smoke in our apartment. It hasn't solved the issue of the smoke in the hallway, but it's made being in our apartment completely fine.

I'd suggest asking if there is something that they could do to help the situation. I think all too often apartment neighbours are too afraid/worried to ask politely how to find a solution - when sometimes you may be able to find a compromise. Good luck!

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Where is that egg & bacon picture from? I love it!

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Where if your bed frame from? I want it and am in need of a new bed frame! Please let me know!

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My favourite: mashed avocado on top of 12-grain or pumpernickel toast spread w/ butter and vegemite! It's similar to vegemite and cheese, only fresher! I sometimes add a slice of tomato and salt & pepper...

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Love love love your place. Where are your couch and chair from- the couch wouldn't happen to be a fold-out, would it? I love how cozy everything looks! Great job!

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