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Interesting. My reaction was very mixed. There were a few things that I really liked (the banquette and that pendant) and a few things I really hated (like the fireplace). Overall, not my taste at all, but the master bedroom closet doors were amazing.

Lori and John's Functional Modern Home House Tour
6/6/14 01:45 PM

She is like the cool aunt we all wish we had. Love her style--both personal and the house.

I'm sorry she lost Alberto, but they must have been a damned interesting couple.

Valorie's Bold New Orleans Home House Tour
6/5/14 08:37 PM

What paint did you use? Semi-gloss? I love how it reflects light and isn't too shiny. Lovely solution!

Before & After: A Sorry-Looking Ceiling Gets Some Stunning DIY Ingenunity
5/2/14 09:05 AM

I like the cabinet colors and the marble, but while it's nice, it's a little underwhelming. I love all the pieces and the floor is gorgeous, but something's missing.

Also, I'm feeling like brass is already WAY overdone as pulls/handles, although that's easy to switch out in a couple years.

5 Ideas to Steal from a Gorgeous Stockholm Kitchen
4/24/14 01:28 PM

Nice results! It's always great to save something from a landfill and make it beautiful and useful.

CuriouslyMade, hope you are just having a bad day and aren't this obnoxious all the time. If you are, my condolences for having to live with yourself.

Before & After: A 60-Year-Old Chair Gets a Facelift
3/25/14 10:58 AM

Really nice! (I don't understand the complaint about not enough updates because you did 25 posts.) I don't mind the refrigerator at all.

Two things: where did you get your table and what wood did you use for the shelves? Are they just boards that are stained?


Christine & Pierre's Kitchen: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
3/13/14 12:38 PM

I never post negative stuff on AT, but honestly, not impressed at all by 90% of these. Not that they aren't spacious and nice. I just wouldn't want them. If these are the trends, I'll opt out, thank you. Those patterned cement tiles already look dated.

The New Bathroom: 5 Top Trends
1/24/14 09:15 PM

I like the idea, but I think this would really only work for a stay-at-home parent or a working parent who has definite job hours (although most working parents are home when the kids are home, which can make this hard with homework, etc)

The only thing that really raised my eyebrows was the idea that cleaning three kids' rooms (for three kids under five) could be done in 15-20 minutes total. I have one kid who is quite neat and it takes both of us (working together) about 10 minutes to clean up her very small room about once a week.

The House that Cleans Itself: The Power of a Weekly Cleaning Schedule
1/15/14 12:22 PM

Lovely! I'm a fan of cork floors, having had one before. What brand and shade did you use? Looks great!

Meg and Josh's Mudroom: The Big Reveal Renovation Diary
12/1/13 09:23 AM

I wouldn't use it for ALL my storage in the kitchen, but I have an oddly indented wall that would look weird with cabinets on that side. Open shelving works and actually makes it look like the wall is that way intentionally.

As long as it is frequently used stuff or covered containers, I don't think it's a big deal.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/25/13 10:43 PM

That's funny. I'm getting quotes from contractors for an Ikea kitchen, and the costs are not high at all. (I know all of the contractors have installed Ikea kitchens before, too.) I have a feeling that contractor just doesn't know what he's doing and those people got ripped off.

"A contractor who does work for me recently told me they'd just done an Ikea kitchen on a very expensive house near mine. He said that the time they spent putting the cabinets together would have paid for a custom kitchen and he couldn't understand it."

Insider Info: IKEA Employee Shares Tips for Buying IKEA Kitchen Cabinets
10/19/13 07:34 AM

The oak was hideous. Let's move on, people.

The kitchen now looks lovely in a way that fits with the age of the apartment. The distressed mirror is a nice touch.

Before & After:
Simply Gorgeous Kitchen Renovation The Sweeten

10/7/13 12:56 PM

I'm not sure that a con from someone whose parents bought a custom kitchen instead of Ikea is really that helpful. Of course you're able to do more with customization!

I haven't installed an Ikea kitchen (yet) but I can tell you that if you live in an old house, your walls are just going to be wonky. No cabinets are going to be easy. I think installation is usually more about the walls than about the cabinets, regardless of type used.

Pros, Cons & Real Life Owner Reviews:
All About IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Reader Intelligence Report

10/2/13 12:44 PM

Thanks, Greg. This is a nice starting point, but now I feel like I have to research and weigh the pros and cons of each, so it's not exactly time-saving, except it eliminated the actual search for the apps.

Take Note: The Best of Note Taking With Tablets Tablet App Recommendations
9/30/13 09:58 PM

I LOVE THIS APARTMENT. Her taste is great, and the look is so cheerful.

Lindsay and Garrett's Pursuit of Style House Tour
9/11/13 06:53 AM

I'm a little confused about the focus on the garden, which to me looks pretty scrubby. Is it more about having the space?

The house is cute, and of course, the kids and dog are adorable.

Aria & Jason's Austin Oasis House Tour
7/25/13 07:42 PM

Stunning. Love the art. Ann looks like someone who'd be really interesting and fun to meet at a party.

Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation
at the El Dorado House Tour

7/25/13 07:14 PM

Does anyone worry about the environmental effect? I try not to use the 2-day delivery unless I absolutely need it. Unless I'm missing something (like a warehouse in Yonkers), I've got to think that this isn't environmentally friendly, but I never hear anyone mention that.

Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/15/13 01:31 PM

God is in the Details, DC has gotten a lot more fashionable in recent years. I was just there and went shopping and got some very cute stuff.

I think the most unfashionable city (which is very nice otherwise) is Boston. There's fleece everywhere you look!

Do You Live In One of America's Snobbiest Cities? (Spoiler: Probably)
7/1/13 02:24 PM

My understanding is that Ikea uses a type of boric acid flame retardant, which is considered far less toxic than your typical mattress.

Recommendations for a Big Boy Bed Ikea Mattress
Good Questions

3/4/13 10:18 AM