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Wah wah wah, bla bla bla....

LOVE THESE. Had my eye on 'em forever but haven't mustered the courage to spend that much on s&p shakers.

Polite Salt & Pepper Shakers by David Shrigley
4/30/14 08:17 AM

not my style at all, but still appreciate a good eye. Very well done. Kudos!

Meg's Classic Glamor Apartment House Tour
4/30/14 08:12 AM

How about that art? Where'd ya get it?!

How To Strip and Refinish Wood Furniture Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/26/14 09:18 AM

please make this a house tour....need to see the rest

Penelope & Zack's Minimal, Moody & Modern in Brooklyn House Call
3/24/14 10:24 AM

Agree with sharpknife....impressive for a novice not for a professional.

A West Village Bachelor Pad Professional Project
2/17/14 01:49 PM

As a professional Interior Designer, I am offended when people confuse me with a Decorator. After 3 years of grueling graduate school and a life time worth of debt, there is a large difference between what I do and what a decorator does. No mom, I don't spend my days picking out pillows and flowers.

Interior Design is a Professional Service i.e. it requires special training and may have laws requiring licensing.

There are residential interiors designers, commerical interior designers and decorators. The first two require educational training. The third requires simply good taste, a good eye and a friendly disposition.

Interior Designers do more than "knock down walls." I can attest to this as I have just completed my first project out of school - a 12 story, 300,00 sqft corporate office gut renovation. We are involved in every stage of the project from site selection, programming, schematic and design development, furniture and finish selection all the way down to construction documentation, administration and punch listing. The architecture is the prominent force in our design and because of that, I do consider myself an Interior Architect. I deal with the architecture... inside.

Commercial Interior Design is a grueling job that requires MANY hours and lots of dedication ( and not a lot of pay!). Did I mention I'm looking for a new job?? If you'll excuse me...I have to get back to finishing my Power Telephone & Electric Plans before my boss realizes I'm not emailing back a client. :)

What's the Difference? Interior Designer vs. Interior Decorator
1/15/14 03:22 PM

As an owner of a heifer of a cat and the Le Bistro automatic pet feeder, I warn you that when there is a will, there is a way. A certain someone has found a way to hoist her little paws up the dial and sneak a few extra meals.

Why You Should Consider An Automated Pet Feeder
10/9/13 10:09 AM