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I completely agree with AT-Lover. It's such a great piece, as is, but a nice bright fabric could really make a statement. What a great find, and only $10? Nice...

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9/2/09 09:33 PM

Unexpected, and I love it. Design could use a little more of this.

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5/1/09 10:50 PM

It is absolutely not cheating. Most people can barely afford to travel within their country, let alone outside it. So if one has to purchase a basket woven in Africa and purchased at the State Fair in Albuquerque, to go with the set of Moroccan tea glasses paypalled (not a word!) online, I say tell me what website and I'm typing it in. More power to you!!

But if you can travel the world and discover amazing pieces and their beauty while appreciating the culture that developed it, well that is a blessing. And blessings can come from excursions to Latin America or to Macy's.

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4/22/09 10:58 PM

I love it all. The design, the textiles, the vibrancy, the process... Love it!

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4/16/09 08:30 AM