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If a house can be sincere, I guess this is what it might look like.

Jess & Mikaylah's Simple and Sweet East Austin Cottage House Tour
5/25/14 03:12 PM

Dark all day long.

Design Duel: Light vs. Dark Bedrooms
3/19/14 02:57 PM

I'd much rather have a wall of Pax shelving for clothing storage. That would be a better use of space in most cases. 20th century closets are often too deep and squarish to really maximize their square feet. This effectively offers a child an extra room. Taking the door off makes it safer and brighter and more aesthetically pleasing in general. I like this.

Kids Closets Used as Reading Nooks
11/11/13 01:19 PM

That rope light doesn't look like a safe bet to me. It would be beautiful though.

DIY Lighting Ideas: 15 Nightlight Projects for Grown-Ups
10/10/13 06:56 PM

We use Amazon Prime because it is the missing link that enabled us to get rid of our car completely. We now ride the bus and walk everywhere. Everything I've read about the environmental impact of online vs. box stores favor the online shopping experience.


Carnegie Mellon study:


Confession: I'm Addicted to Amazon Prime
7/15/13 04:17 PM

Austin Craigslist is flaky. People will email about items and then never follow up. People who are selling will often leave the listing up after it's been sold. People seem more willing to deliver for a small fee here, though. Probably because of the abundance of trucks in Texas.

What's Your City's Craigslist Culture?
7/2/13 12:13 PM

I just had a hopeful thought though. This is a 2400 sq ft house in Arlington, Texas so the odds that this was built in the post-asbestos era are strongly in their favor.

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Dealing with Dust Renovation Diary

6/18/13 03:37 PM

My husband just lost a friend to lung cancer who did a minor renovation in his 20s without testing for asbestos. The thought of this ceiling having asbestos in it stresses me out so much.

Sandra & Justin's Kitchen:
Dealing with Dust Renovation Diary

6/18/13 03:32 PM

Why would your comment get removed? Have you ever read AT comment threads before?

Michele and Ryan's New Beginning House Tour
6/7/13 01:52 PM

I'd love to see more wheelchair accessible posts. This is really beautiful and doesn't feel like a care home space at all.

Before & After: Emily Henderson Transforms a Senior's Studio Space
5/24/13 07:55 AM

It would be very easy for this mash-up of colors and textiles to look busy or chaotic, but you did it. It looks really inviting and warm. What a pleasure to see.

Lizzie and Phil's Bold and Playful
West-End Pad House Tour

5/17/13 12:22 PM

I don't, but I do organize them by size. I also think it's stupid to be upset about what other people do with their books.

Oh, but this debate on AT inspired me to organize my closet by color, though, so there's something.

Would You Ever Organize Your Cookbooks by Color?
5/13/13 10:04 PM

I don't think it will become passé. A bar cart is a fine solution for small-space dwellers without the room for a separate bar area.

Cheers! A Roundup of Bar Supplies Weekend Shoppers Guide
5/13/13 08:57 PM

I like the suggestions about layout 2. I have a similar floor plan and I found that putting the couch in the middle of the room actually added space because when it was set up like layout 1 there was a ton of dead space in the middle of the room.

If you can't afford a new couch or just bought the one you have with the intention of keeping it a long while, what about flipping the couch and table in layout 1 so that you have more walkaround space in the area near the HVAC?

How To Lay Out Furniture in New Condo Living Room? Good Questions
4/26/13 08:23 AM

These people shouldn't be allowed in public. However, their taste is unimpeachable.

Joan & Matt's Joyously Eclectic Home House Tour
4/22/13 12:22 PM


Jessica's Everything Has a Story Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/27/13 12:41 PM

I love the dark floors! Any light that is lost from the finish can be gained in paint, proper lighting and clean windows.

I really detest carpet but bedroom carpeting is forgivable, and luvmodernism made me rethink wood floors in my coming old age!

I would also imagine that a soft wool carpet feels nice on the feet in the middle of a NY winter. I can't wait to see this space furnished!

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: Floors - #2 Renovation Diary
3/12/13 12:21 PM

So beautiful!

This reminds me of the tiny one bedroom my daughter and I piled ourselves into after my marriage crumbled 16 years ago. Especially the twinkle lights and the tented cozy bed. And the warm, fuzzy clutter!

It's vibrating with warmth and quiet joy-the kind you can only express when your heart is broken and grateful, all at the same time.

Maxwell & Lulu's Temporary Digs House Tour
3/12/13 12:14 PM

This is the old one. He refers to this post as a love letter to his old place.

Maxwell & Lulu's Temporary Digs House Tour
3/12/13 12:03 PM

I think this home exhibits an appropriate amount of vag.

Matt's Modern Minimalist Austin Retreat House Tour
3/1/13 02:52 PM