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Very very cute crib, but the though of having to take all of that out/down every nap and then back up again gives me anxiety.

Apartment Therapy - Flickr Finds: Carolyn's Crib
10/4/07 09:20 AM

Also, a great resource for breastfeeding is They are based in Salt Lake City, but I am sure she would give you advice over the phone. They are wonderful!

Good Questions: Manual Breast Pumps
6/25/07 10:55 AM

I also use the Medela Harmony. All of your parts are compatable with most electric pumps as well. I am currently using the Medela Pump-in-style, and the Harmony works just as well, it just takes a little longer because you have to do each side (obviously). Both have helped my milk supply when I was having troubles.

Good Questions: Manual Breast Pumps
6/25/07 10:54 AM

Oh, I love the peas and carrots.....please pick me!

Giveaway: Bink Link
6/6/07 07:13 PM