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As someone who lives alone and has a tight budget, I usually make one or two meals on Sunday and divvy up the meals for lunches to take to work and heat up there, or quickly reheat at home for dinner. What are some great dishes that get better as they sit, and are easily reheatable? In the past, I've found some great one or two-pot dishes on here like curries, stews, and pasta dishes that are fantastic, but i'm always looking for more!

Additionally, what are some great make-ahead breakfasts that can easily be reheated at work? For a while I was making a breakfast casserole and bringing that in. Recently, I have been toasting an english muffin and adding peanut butter and a banana.

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6/3/14 07:49 AM

I got the Brimnes bed frame while in college (needed the underbed storage in an extremely small room) and have moved/reassembled the frame 3x since. With each reassembly, it becomes a little shakier, but that's to be understood.

My only real critique is that the drawers are kind of hard to get onto the tracks (if you have to completely take them out.)

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1/29/14 07:33 AM