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I don't get it.

Final Frame: Planking Herman Miller Style
7/27/11 11:00 AM

"wireless messaging/social network capable notification"

It's a dishwasher.

Miele Futura: The Wi-Fi Enabled Dishwasher
7/26/11 08:27 PM

Hopefully they're regularly disinfected.

Ace Hotel Offering Free Google Chromebooks for Guests
7/19/11 10:28 PM

some of those look like people's insides.

Final Frame: iPhone Into Your Fav Japanese Food
6/28/11 10:46 PM

Looks cool, just don't trip.

Final Frame: Step Down Into My Office
6/22/11 10:15 AM

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

RFID chips are not food.

RFID chips and salsa however...

Would You Eat Edible RFID Tags to Track Your Diet?
6/21/11 02:34 PM

$60... Let me repeat that. $60. Really? For half a log. Really?

Turn On or Turn Off? I-Log iPad Stand
5/27/11 11:19 AM

Even with a trainer, the pedals would hit the base. You would have to jack up the rear tire really high to clear the base.

Final Frame: Standing At Your Desk Is So Last Year
5/12/11 11:59 AM

@interieur thanks!

Clean Up Your Media Center With an IR Repeater
4/26/11 11:17 AM

Whoa, I really like the cabinet. Where's that from???

Clean Up Your Media Center With an IR Repeater
4/26/11 10:29 AM

That's a really great idea!

13" MacBooks Get Air From IKEA ASKER Dish Drainers
4/20/11 12:48 PM

It's really cool and I like the mechanical movement...

But that's why we have casters.

Rearrange Your Office Easily with a Desk that Walks
4/12/11 11:28 PM

I'd never ditch my TV for a tablet. Although I really like tablets, I would still consider them sort of redundant devices.

Tablet Owners Have Stopped Using their PCs, TVs
4/11/11 10:10 AM

@ chriswarren, I agree completely. I'd rather have all the info right there at the scene as I'm sure would most medical professionals.

Plus, from a financial POV, the Interactive Road ID is $9.99/year. Not a large sum, but a sum none the less.

Road ID Interactive: The Exercise Techy's Must Have
Unplggd Test Lab

4/7/11 01:31 PM

@javagirl1972 thanks! I was wondering if that's what is was...

Black Furniture for the Small Space
4/4/11 12:03 PM

Does anyone know where the bookcase pictured, came from?

Black Furniture for the Small Space
4/4/11 10:40 AM

When wireless providers start tiering data plans, streaming music from "the cloud" is going to be expensive...

Amazon Cloud: Pros, Cons & What It Means for You
3/31/11 11:14 AM


There's An App For That: Retractable Kitchen Island
3/18/11 10:32 AM

That's a cool desk. Where does it come from?

Vintage 1950's Shelf Upcycled as Floating Desk
Flickr Finds

3/17/11 12:14 PM

clever ad.

Final Frame: Life Is Too Short…
3/17/11 10:29 AM