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Wish I was there. . . .

Double Chaise Loungers from Gloster Furniture
6/15/07 11:10 AM

I don't use anything fancy. When I'm not home, with two cats I really can't keep candles lit or have any open jars with liquid (they are super curious!). Typically, my husband and I use the air fresheners you can plug in to your outlet. The worst part about them is they aren't the greatest things to look at but they are friendly to my wallet. I guess the best part is that, once a scent has been used, I can swap it for a new one. I usually like to change scents around holidays. After reading the previous posts, I would love to be a bit fancier but this is all I can do at the moment.

Good Question: Home Fragrance?
6/15/07 09:06 AM