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I love this! Beautiful!

Before & After: A Bright, Budget-Friendly DIY Kitchen Makeover Under $1500
6/22/14 03:11 PM

Thanks everyone! It has been so fun having the bar cart. I have since stocked it with vintage cocktail glasses and barware that I collected from thrift stores and antique fairs. Now I get a lot of practice making cocktails for friends and family too!

Before & After: From Old to Gold Bar Cart Revamp!
6/21/14 01:11 PM

so amazing! Love the fabric you chose!

Before & After: Rachael's Simple and Sweet Found Free Chair Makeover
3/29/14 03:06 PM

Currently my husband and I have a room mate who is definitely the best room mate I have had. (Though I did love my college room mate we are better friends when we don't live together!)

My husband and I were not sure if a room mate was a good idea, but our rent (Bay Area) is very expensive and we are trying to save to buy a home. Our current room mate works with my husband and was looking for a place to live after splitting with a long term girl friend.

While there are minor complaints from time to time, over all he is great. Clean and neat (but not a clean freak), outgoing and fun to hang out with, shares similar interests, watches our dog for us occasionally, and always pays rent on time. Though he and my husband both sometimes have to be cajoled into certain house work, overall I feel very lucky!

Tell Us About: The Best Roommate Ever
3/20/14 03:19 PM

Almost all Etsy shops have reviews that you can read through to see what other people have said about the product, so even if you can't see it in person you can get an idea of the quality/durability. Also most have some kind of return policy if you really did not like the piece.

Supporting Small Makers for Big Purchases: 10 Etsy Furniture Shops
2/6/14 03:50 PM

Love this room! Light, bright, and whimsical. Great inspiration.

Cruz's Modern Geometric Masterpiece Nursery Tour
1/30/14 04:05 PM

I love the color combo and the clouds! Also any chance of posting a tutorial for that great mobile? I would love to make one for my friend's new baby.

Violet's Navy and Pink Nursery My Room
11/19/13 05:49 PM

Wow! I am so impressed, I really did not see that AFTER coming! I think it looks great, and 4k compared to 15k is an amazing deal. I have a chair I want to get reupholstered but I am worried that the cost will be prohibitive for me, but this has me feeling inspired. :)

Before & After: I Spy A Reimagined Sofa
10/18/13 02:37 AM