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This is also a family recipe for me; we are Italian and serve it as a first course for most holidays – not actually at weddings, though. We make the meatballs using the pork/beef/veal mix and bake them. Also, the broth is always homemade. We use rice instead of pasta and don't add the egg. I've had it that way in restaurants though, and am not a fan.

Recipe: Italian Wedding Soup Recipes from The Kitchn
1/9/14 11:38 AM

I am surprised you didn't include #1 from the original article. To me, that is the most beautiful and unique of all 4 featured.

Renovation Inspiration: 3 Inspiring Philadelphia Kitchens Philadelphia Magazine
1/22/13 10:06 AM

The Moppe (Fira replacement) is still not available in the US.

How To: Organize Makeup
1/9/12 02:35 PM

I love this house! It definitely feels homey and practical, while still being stylish. Edyta, do you mind sharing the paint color on your accent wall in the living room? (where the tv is?) thanks!

Edyta's Modern with a Dab of Drama Home
House Tour

2/16/11 12:58 PM

I found yhl through apartment therapy and must say, i am SO happy they won. Their site is so organized, they explain projects clearly and concisely and provide detailed lists of supplies, costs, etc. I feel like a lot of home design blogs (not all) claim to be just another homeowner writing about their experiences have evolved into something else - using their popularity to get sponsors to furnish their homes, etc. For lack of a better term, yhl keeps it real and makes many home projects seem more attainable for the average young person (like me). Thanks guys. :)

The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2011
Young House Love

2/6/11 10:12 AM

there is a wonderful cafe in Philadelphia named Sabrina's which has eggs benedict w/ smoked salmon on their brunch menu, it is fantastic. i was at another cafe this weekend which had "Sinatra Benedict" - eggs benedict w/ filet mignon.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Eggs Benedict and Beyond
10/6/08 01:43 PM

doesn't zipcar have hourly rates? here in philly we have two car share systems - zipcar and philly car share. you can get a pickup truck for about $6-$8/hour. there are two membership plans, one with a monthly fee (lower hourly fee) and one with no monthly fee (higher hourly rates). there are no startup fees, etc. not sure about zipcar. i don't imagine it would take a whole day for ikea, even in new york. maybe 4 hours? everything in new york is more expensive, but there must be a way that costs less than $80.

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA Pickup and Delivery by Eric
8/19/08 07:22 AM

i looove pho. it might be my favorite food. i also love to cook, but considering pho is one of the cheapest, most fulfilling dishes one can buy, i'd rather spend the 7 bucks. philadelphia has a huge population of vietnamese restaurants, and i know i'd never be able to pull it off like they do.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe Review: Vietnamese Rice Noodle Pho
8/14/08 05:54 PM

if i ever order a float, it's with coca cola and chocolate ice cream. i don't like root beer or vanilla ice cream. try it, it's good!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Cool Treats: How Do You Like Your Ice Cream Floats?
8/8/08 09:43 AM

i have been thinking about the Jay desk from West Elm for months, but haven't purchased it (yet). i did see it in the store, and it is perfect for a small space, especially since it has the roll-out extender.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Desks under $200
8/7/08 10:54 AM

i've never liked pre-packaged olives, except for the "regular" black & green ones in cans. To me the olives in plastic containers are super soggy and take on a weird, sweet, plasticky taste. Maybe that's the "juicy, fruity" taste you're talking about but personally I prefer harder, saltier olives.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Olive Bars vs. Pre-Packaged Olives: Which Do You Prefer?
4/25/08 06:58 AM

this is spectacular...i am jealous. so clean and well put together, but still lived-in.

just curious - what are those wing type things coming off of the "shelf" on the range? actually, what is up with the shelf in general? i've never seen that before. i know european appliances are usually proportioned differently than american appliances, but i can't figure that out. is it a broiler?

Apartment Therapy New York | International #11: Ise's London Pad
4/24/08 09:50 AM

i am so confused :/

Apartment Therapy New York | International #6: Judith's Lux Pod (short for Luxurious Pod, as in Small)
4/21/08 12:10 PM

i'm sorry, but John McCain shown above a box of Fiber One cracks me up.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | What Does Your Breakfast Cereal Say About Your Vote?News from the New York Times Dining Section 04.16.08
4/17/08 09:11 AM

super cute, especially for a guy's apartment ;) love the colors, and the kitchen is adorable.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #17: Matthew's Cartoonist Corner
4/17/08 09:07 AM

where is everything? it looks like you just moved in. a little blah, except for that backsplash...

Apartment Therapy New York | East #24: Melissa's Pod
4/17/08 09:05 AM

on this same note, does any have info on Master's programs in interior design? i already have a BFA in graphic design, i'd rather not go back for another bachelor's. I'm in Philadelphia, so I've looked at Drexel's MA in interior design program, but i'm not 100% in love with it. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Design School Recommendations?
4/14/08 10:02 AM

i am in love with fage too! i usually eat the 2% with the fruit on the side. i compared to another "light" yogurt in the store yesterday and it has roughly the same amount of calories & fat. i love it, it tastes like butter! i love french yogurt too, but IN france. american yogurt is so over processed and over pasteurized, it's like thick water.

in europe many companies have a flavor simply called, "plain with a little bit of sugar" - has anyone seen this in the US? it's delicious. i know i can make my own easily with a cup of plain and a teaspoon of sugar, but i'm curious.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Weekend Reading: Greek Yogurt Revival
4/14/08 09:05 AM

i love the apartment, but the one thing that jars me is the color of the couch/wall/flowered art color combo. it seems so dreary for such a bright, cute, colorful apartment. maybe if the sofa was off white, or covered with a lighter colored throw things would gel better.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #9: Gretchen's "The Place I Call Home"
4/11/08 12:02 PM

LOVE IT! I wish it was my own. Super cool vote for you!

Apartment Therapy New York | East #14: Kristin's Cozy Village Studio
4/11/08 07:57 AM