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Thank you, AT, for these very nice write-ups! We are so happy with our kitchen update. Also, the "after" photo is attributed to Lori Andrews.

To answer some questions:
1. I hated the black floor, because it looked filthy the very second I finished cleaning it. White somehow hides everything so much better. I love it.
2. The decision to remove the rounded counter was due to both space and because I thought a rounded edge of Cararra marble would look crazy. I liked those little
shelves, but they had to go.
3. The counters are Carrara marble.
4. The stove is Chambers, left here by the previous owner. Lucky us!

Thank you for all of your comments! We're always delighted when Apartment Therapy writes about our house.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Before and After: ABChao's Kitchen
3/7/09 01:29 PM

I second Design Crisis. Love it!

Apartment Therapy New York | The Homies: Best Home Design Blog of 2008? submit your nomination...
12/23/08 11:59 AM

Hey guys! Not sure about the rug's provenance -- I inherited it from my grandmother. I can tell you that it is enormous and heavy and badly needs to be cleaned.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Close-Up! AB Chao's Dining Room
11/22/08 04:05 PM

@bepsf: I totally agree about the chairs, but the awful tablecloth is hiding a multitude of sins right now. I'll have to get on to Anh-Minh for posting a less-than-perfect picture! (Just kidding, A-M. xoxo)

@alitris: I used a color from Martha Stewart's discontinued line of paint from Sherwin-Williams -- if you can find swatches, they'll still mix them up for you. I believe there is actually a person online who will sell you old swatches. This one is called "Atlantic Fog."

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look! abchao's Wall of Plates
11/11/08 04:27 PM

Thanks, everyone! I don't know how it would do with actual fire in the fireplace; ours is rigged for a wood-burning stove, which we'll not be attempting.

Signe: We do have cats, and I think they just haven't discovered the dangly thing (which is a string of pine cones) yet. So far so good!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AB Chao's Project: Fireplace Paint Job
1/16/08 04:12 PM

Chatoyante: there are no directions; we just made it up. it's 13 2x4s wide and suspended with covered cable.

mamabythesea: the paint is from wal-mart (don't judge!) and called "breadfruit."

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: AB Chao's Modern Old = MOLD
1/7/08 10:00 AM

kccr: the brown and white set is from Dwell -- I think the pattern is called "Silhouette."

mindybates: It was my grandmother's -- it's pretty old, I'm not sure where it came from. Sorry!

House Tour: AB Chao's Modern Old = MOLD
6/19/07 12:57 PM

Thank you, everyone! This was so much fun.

jem: try the above-mentioned Clarence's -- it's really hit or miss, but Clarence himself is a hoot. It's on DeSiard. Also there's Inside Indigo on 3rd in the Garden District; it's a fun place to look around. I always find lots of stuff on Antique Alley, though, so definitely go there. And yeah, the wall is still there!

House Tour: AB Chao's Modern Old = MOLD
6/5/07 06:01 PM