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method is my choice! Not only because it's an effective cleaner, but it also has such beautiful packaging, and great, innovative products.

Which is the Best Green Cleaner? Reader Survey | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/5/10 02:44 PM

When is the new mailer coming out??? I can't wait!

Room & Board Fall 2007 Preview
7/23/07 12:09 PM

Hi! I live right down the street from this store - the guy who works there/owns it, is totally awesome. He has such an amazing sense of style as well! I am yet to purchase anything (I am on a VERY tight budget - Craigslist is pushing it), but from comparing home decor in other stores, his prices are more reasonable. For those of you who don't live in the neighborhood, this store is worth the trek over. If you don't find anything, at least you can walk up to Union for a glass of wine! :-)

6/27/07 09:24 PM

JG - Any suggestions for painting my side table?? I purchased it at an estate sale for $2 - and then refinished it myself, so I am not attached to the color of it.

Good Questions: Curtains for this Bedroom?
6/14/07 08:10 AM

Thank you everyone for your awesome comments and suggestions - just another reason why I love AP so much! Much appreciated!!


Good Questions: Curtains for this Bedroom?
6/12/07 09:29 AM