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Two things I especially love...
1. Timeless beauty
2. That you can have such a beautiful space painted BMoore Navajo White! Sometimes less is more applies to traditional style as well and in my opinion makes the space more modern

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3/27/14 09:57 AM

Your lease contract should cover who is responsible for exterminators.

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3/20/14 10:20 AM

Ten years ago, when she was 65, my mom sold her big 2 story house. She bought a single story house on the same street and renovated it to her liking. At the time she said it was a strain to deal with the decisions and contractors and would not have been able to do it if older...especially alone. This year she broke her leg and she discovered a few more changes she would like to make but for the most part she was patting herself on her back because she had planned ahead.

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3/18/14 07:36 AM

Ha! I like it, and I love that it's so unexpected. Some people get bored easily so it's not a look for them. I for one have wallpaper in a bathroom...been up for 10 years an it makes me happy every time I see it.

Before & After: Bari's Bathroom Gets a Bold Makeover
3/6/14 04:24 PM

Very nice. The price seems right for my area, and it's important to me to have some quality custom pieces that l love.

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2/26/14 07:53 PM

I think you should do lighting, wall paint, and an indoor-outdoor rug. If you put string lights above the cabinets it will brighten everything, and add under cabinet task lighting.
I have an in/out rug that was very inexpensive and can be hosed off. You probably need another overhead light as well, but a low cost option is a light that looks like track lighting and you can direct different bulbs to spread the light through the room. It's a dark room and in a perfect world you woild have a window and lighter wood cabinets in there, but painting cabinets correctly in a rental would be hard and costly.

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2/14/14 10:24 AM

Do as you please, just keep it dusted.

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2/12/14 05:36 PM

I would use a neutral shade and pop color with art.

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2/5/14 01:11 PM

Finally my brass is back in style!

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1/24/14 03:55 PM

I have a headache now, but I like the idea!

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9/13/13 11:34 AM

the kitchen shelves look like Cado by Poul Cadovius

Allison Burke's Modern Mix House Tour
8/28/13 05:14 PM

I agree with KimberlyRose. I like to see people's designs and ideas, but I think you should do whatever you want in your own home. Make your own rules if you want, then break them.

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6/10/13 12:19 PM