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Here's another vote for enjoying separate bedrooms. When I moved in with my partner, we agreed that it was important to us that we each have a room to retreat to for those times when we need some quiet and solitude. Our routine each night is that we start off in one of the bedrooms then, as one of us starts to drift off, the other slips away and we each sleep comfortably in our own bedrooms. We both sleep more soundly having our own beds (mine a queen, his a full) and, as two introverts who had previously lived alone for well over a decade, feel better knowing that we each have - to quote Virginia Woolf - "a room of one's own."

Sleeping Style: Twin Beds
3/9/11 12:34 AM

Thanks for the update, Landis. I understand your wanting to prevent them from damaging your home and am relieved to hear that exterminators also offer no-kill solutions to these kinds of problems.

Uninvited Squirrels Joining Your Holiday Festivities?
12/10/10 12:07 AM

One more quick thought: given your comments on air quality issues due to squirrels being in the home, wouldn't the toxic chemicals used by exterminators also be of grave concern?

Uninvited Squirrels Joining Your Holiday Festivities?
12/9/10 08:31 PM

I agree with Emmi - and not just because I adore squirrels and love watching them in our yard. Why kill these animals for, well, acting like animals when simply patching up the hole in the roof might solve your problem? Especially since an open access point to your warm, cozy house would also likely be appealing to many other wild creatures, all of whom would then also potentially be subject to extermination.

Uninvited Squirrels Joining Your Holiday Festivities?
12/9/10 08:27 PM

I volunteered for two weeks in Jordan last year with United Planet; it was an amazing experience. For folks who are thinking about volunteering abroad, you should check out's free online resource center on the topic: Happy and safe travels!

Take A Volunteer Vacation | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
7/12/10 11:30 PM

Ok, I love this green - just the mix of soft and bright I've been looking for. Anyone know what it is?

Super Cool Color Idea: 2 Colors Help Divide Space | Apartment Therapy New York
2/12/10 01:29 AM

Plywerk is great...high quality materials and very cool, professional folks. Be sure to also check out the photography of Kim Nguyen (I think she and her husband own Plywerk?); she exhibits at the Portland Saturday Market (among other places) and has an incredible eye. I've already snagged at least six of her pieces!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Plywerk Photo Mounting
8/20/09 01:00 AM