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We have something very similar and we had a cabinet maker build a unit that fits exactly to the opening with interior shelves and doors. We put a weathered 4x4 above it for a mantle and now its a huge pantry. We were hurting for storage so this worked perfectly for us.

If storage is not an issue and its still open to above for venting, consider a gas fireplace.

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8/10/07 08:21 AM

I think if you had two of each, placed in pairs on opposite sides of a room, it could work.

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7/3/07 11:15 AM

Anyone with kids knows that bumped heads and banged up furniture come with the territory. Mostly I feel sorry for the kid and not for the furniture.

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6/22/07 02:47 AM

The streets of Red Hook have historically been filled with industry. Granted, the traffic patterns from the IKEA will be different from heavy industry these can hardly be thought of as typical residential streets.

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6/14/07 09:02 AM

Don't forget these:


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6/5/07 09:43 AM