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Yeah, I'm judgy and proud of it! In fact, I even get paid for it. Goes with the territory when you design interiors.

NO wall-to-wall carpet. Yes, it can look beautiful and it can give you a solid surface color to work with, but ultimately, you will never get it clean and it is a harbinger of dirt and allergens. Not to mention the off gassing and other issues that other writers have discussed. Consider a big area rug that can be removed and cleaned thoroughly. Also, if you are the changeable sort, you can switch out an area rug periodically for a new look. Try that with wall to wall carpet!

2. Cowhide rugs. I love em' (I'm from Texas...), but I also understand those who don't. If you want the look, but don't want to kill a cow to get it, there are lots of rugs with cowhide prints. Cows are beautiful. Why keep their natural graphics out of your home for ethical reasons if you don't have to?

3. No. Fake. Plants. Ever. The best part about plants, as someone pointed out, is the air cleaning capability. Fake plants are hard to clean and are dust magnets. So, why would you put a fake plant in your space that not only deprives you of that benefit but helps contribute to allergens by creating dust you will never clean? If you can't grow plants ( I can't either), consider buying an orchid once every two months. It is a financial sacrifice of about $20 a purchase. You can keep them alive with just an ice cube a day. Once the blooms are spent, donate it to someone who can bring it back to life.

4. Painted wood? Not sure why this would be an issue unless we are talking about a rare or exotic wood. In fact, painting wood is a good way to recycle.

5. A home with no art is a home without a soul. So, despite the fact that I believe in supporting artists as much as possible, fill your home with whatever art you like - reproduction or not. However, at some point please consider buying from a local art school or even buying from a street artist just to invite fresh creativity in your home and encourage their efforts.

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