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There's no easy answer, or a really affordably solution. True, you can install CFL's in lieu of incandescent but that limits you to some pretty traditional and, in my opinion, dated fixtures.

What I have been looking at is installing a track, cable or monorail with halogen bulbs and then installing them with LED's that are available for $20 - $30 per bulb.

That seems expensive but the bulb should last about 10-years Vs. 3 or 4 with a halogen and they use 1/3 the electricity.

Unfortunately, if you are in California, and you need a building permit to install the work, you can't do this with the changes to Title-24. If that's your case too, please, PLEASE, let me know what you decide to do.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Questions: Energy Efficient Track Lighting?
4/9/09 04:26 PM