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@ajg if you're that concerned about spying on your kids, there are plenty of key-loggers to monitor every single URL, word, or password they type. You could even setup a wireless video camera to peer over their shoulders without them knowing and send the feed to your iPhone. You can also just use parental mode on any Mac and log all the sites they visit as a more lax method. Or you could, you know, trust your kids and randomly check on them so they don't think they can get away scotch-free anytime.

There are many ways to solve the privacy / safety issue. You just have to be willing to put in the time to learn what they are.

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6/24/10 02:37 PM

I think this is a great idea, but probably because my father-in-law helped me do it this past summer with my current computer desk. I really wanted a OneLess Desk, but I couldn't spend that kind of money right then. Instead I came across a Pottery Barn Kids outlet desk with nearly identical dimensions and a similar concept, but I wanted the perfect green. I could only find it in auto paint so my father-in-law helped me go through the process of using steel wool to make sure the wood would have enough rough edges to grab the primer and paint and we went to town over several days. It took us three thorough coats and twice as much paint as we anticipated, but only $60 later I had a custom color desk for less than half of the price of a OneLess Desk. In addition to all this it was just as cheap to buy the paint sprayer (make sure you get the right kind!) as it was to rent one (from the one or two places that rented out auto-paint sprayers - be sure to double-check again).

Overall I don't think I would have tackled this one my own the first time, but having done it it really wasn't all that hard; just time consuming.

Here's some photos of how it turned out: (spraying the desk) (desk by itself) (shows the shine with the monitor)

Good luck to you with whichever route your choose to pursue. And like my father-in-law says, it's really easy to clean. Worst case scenario you can always go through a car wash ;)

Auto Body Paint Job for Furniture? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/24/10 12:41 AM

This is an awesome DIY, but for those who are less inclined to make their own Burton has some really effective wall-mounts for an affordable price ($12) that allow you to mount your board either horizontally or vertically:

You can also google on "Burton wall mounts" and find a variety of colors / styles from the past few years available.

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2/12/10 09:47 AM

Another option (slightly more advanced but I've found more success with it) is to utilize a VPN service / SSH tunnel. Most airports only block port 80 (general web traffic), and as a result you can connect for free through other ports. You can Google around to find out how to create your own VPN server or you can utilize a VPN provider.

@SunnyBlue: I believe that most people would be more than willing to pay a reasonable rate for bandwidth. But if the airports want to charge $15-30 for an average 45 minute use, I think that is a bit ridiculous considering most people get a full month of high-speed access at only $50 at home. Charge me $2 an hour and I'd pay it, heck I plan on paying AirTrain $7 for my 3 hour flight down to Florida in September (then again, that's just slightly over $2/hr).

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How to Get Free Airport WiFi
7/28/09 09:00 AM

Not to be the nitpicker, but the cheapest OS upgrade is switching to almost any version of Linux (free) and you can also upgrade Macs to Snow Leopard for only $29 (for home premium, professional, and ultimate)

I'll have to get a copy of this just so I can keep up to date to bail my family out when they are having problems. I wonder how soon Parallels will support it ;)

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | How To: Upgrade Your PC To Windows 7 In Style
6/26/09 03:44 PM

DropBox isn't quite as 'lightweight' or 'non-robust' as you imply. If you're a Linux/Mac user you can easily sync ANY folder on your system without having to move the files into your DropBox. Merely create a symbolic link via the command line (there are 3rd party apps to do this for you if you're scared of the terminal). With two simple:
ln -s ~/my/target/directory ~/Dropbox/link_name
You can have your folders synced between multiple computers without dragging a single item. I'll bet you can't find another syncing tool with that capability and the speed of DropBox (fastest syncing tool I've ever seen).

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Best Product: Dropbox, File Storage/Syncing Simplified
5/26/09 12:04 PM

I second @warrenpeace. DropBox all the way for this. It was designed for it from the ground up and is insanely fast at what it does. If you need more than 2GB you can pay only $10 a month and get a nice 50GB of synchronized data on any OS :)

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Good Questions: How To Set Up Network File-Sharing Between a PC and a Mac?
5/12/09 06:09 AM

Luckily I already have an iHome iPhone so I just plug in my iPhone to my iHome in whatever room I want (the kitchen usually) and I'm good to go. I can't envision me wanting to pay $150 just to stream Pandora to a standalone jukebox... seems like a high price for such a limited use-case.

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4/16/09 08:37 AM

But do we know that those statistics are actually factual? I have a strong suspicion that more than 26% of people have never heard of Twitter.

Although I think the commercial is really cool (I love stats), I find the fact that they used 'twittered' instead of the proper 'tweeted' extremely annoying. That's just a personal pet-peeve though (but seriously, how many birds do you know that have twittered?)

I've been meaning to watch this commercial for several days, but didn't get around to seeing it until it was on during LOST last night. Great share.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | What's Happening This Instant in the Tech World
4/9/09 09:44 AM