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I have a Cannon Digital Elph that does small video clips. What does this camcorder do that my camera doesn't? It's cute. I'd love an excuse to buy it :-)

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Best Video Cameras
8/14/08 10:05 AM

A couple more to add:
Empty and re-load the dishwasher
Throw out science experiments in the fridge
Sort today's mail, recycle junk mail and envelopes

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Weeknight Meal Tip: Clean As You Go
4/9/08 01:24 PM

Why is this news?
I rode the bus to school alone at 6, and rode my bike to school with two other girls at 9. The second school was in downtown Oakland, next door to a very rough high school.

One of the reasons I chose to raise my daughter in the city was that she'd be able to get around on her own, and not have to rely on me to drive her places.

She's only 3, so she's not getting on the bus by herself just yet, but I fully intend to put her on the yellow school bus the first day of kindergarten, and let her ride the public bus somewhere between 7 and 9. Of course, I live in Seattle, not NYC, but still. The kid is 9! I was babysitting at 10.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging The Today Show: Mom Lets 9-year-old Take Subway Home Alone
4/4/08 02:25 PM

I saw this one at Target, and it's on our list for Xmas. It's cute, cheap, and comes with lots of accessories, but best of all, it's only 12.5" deep, so it will fit anywhere that a bookcase will fit.


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9/17/07 10:44 AM

You might also try the traveling toddler, which is a strap that lets you attach your carseat to a roller bag. It's great for airports, especially if you will need a carseat at your destination, or want it on the plane. If you need a stroller there, just buy a cheap one when you get there. Toys R Us has several that are under $20.


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8/11/07 10:53 PM

Gas stoves don't really need to be vented. I've lived in 5 or 6 places with unvented gas stoves, and it's fine. This looks like a recent addition, so there may be some code your landlord is following. He might not appreciate you removing the vent!

I'd just paint it.

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6/4/07 02:48 PM