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And then there is NEW MEXICAN food which is different that Tex-Mex, Cali-Mex and all other Mexican Foods. Except the lady with the grandmother from Chihuahua sounds like New Mexican. I never had black beans growing up in New Mexico, only Pintos. And sour cream? Nope, not until the 1980s. And that was from a chain restaurant thing. New Mexico chiles rock harder and hotter than others. We don't make 'chile gravy' which always seem to have beef stock in it when they make it in Texas. Chile is chile. pure and simple. I make posole every Christmas Eve (and other times) and use Bueno Chile if I can get it. There are still some frozen red chile sauce and green chiles in my Freezer. But I wish I had a soapapilla from Santa Fe or Albuquerque right now.

What's the Difference? Tex-Mex vs. Mexican | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/7/10 12:51 PM

My landlord is giving us kitchen pails to compost per San Francisco new law. I've never composted before. Won't it smell? I can't use plastic bags so will I have to wash out the gross pail? Or is there an alternative? I never thought I'd be composting in a downtown apartment.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Fall Green Cure 2009: Discussion Board
10/11/09 06:09 PM

As nice as this lady and her baby seem, a mommy and baby don't seem like a good cover for a shelter magazine. I found that the online magazine wasn't as satisfying as even a PDF. But it's a start. I will look for the next issue. As for the name, I knew a Lonny Bookout once and he was a gradeschool terror. So the name repels me actually, but I know that just me, yet the name doesn't conjure up anything positive either.

Apartment Therapy DC | Lonny is Live! What Do You Think?
10/4/09 03:05 PM

Adult rescues are great! You know what you are getting. Mine is a long hair chihuahua rescue who is now 15 years old. She doesn't bark, chew, or have inappropriate bathroom habits. I order bed pads for her because they are more absorbant and cheaper and don't have that perfume smell that puppy pads have. Chihuahuas are great because they take up less room AND have less mess! I wouldn't want to clean up the urine and poop of a 130 lb dog! Or even a 30 lb dog! Smaller dogs equals smaller mess!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Best Dog Breeds for Small Places Austin
9/28/09 01:25 PM

I love the suit of armor! The pearls and fur wrap are inspired! My friend in Philly wants one too. Best hall tree EVER!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Kristie's Thirties-Style Vintage Home House Call
9/13/09 03:05 PM

Love the craigster. Love his list. My sister has seen him often dressed in pjs(?) outside the craigslist office in the Inner Sunset.

I always find what I need on craigslist. I like the way it is and it's 'wild west' attitude.

power to craig and his ideals!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Why Craigslist is Such a Mess Wired
8/29/09 04:13 AM

I think it's another way to add architectural interest. And if you have a set of similar artwork like that, why not?

I'd like to see it with maybe longer, horizontal frames too. I think it's nice to see a traditional element used in a different way.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Hanging Art High - Thoughts?
8/28/09 10:07 PM

Love your place. I'm doing the same thing with my downtown SF apartment...buying things off of Craigslist (since we don't have the big ticket item collection thing) though I have found stuff on the sidewalk... I love your writing desk in the bay window. And really envy your Wedgewood stove. Kudos to you and your dog is as cute as mine, though much bigger.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Jennifer's Inner Sunset Retreat House Tour
8/16/09 02:48 PM

You need to get a smaller fridge! It sticks out and looks dangerous! I don't think this would pass the apartment safety inspecion in Los Angeles. Each town has different laws, but is this SAFE?

Apartment Therapy DC | Good Questions: Kitchen Makeover on a Limited Budget?
7/28/09 01:12 PM

I remember going to a friend's cotton farm one summer and we swam in the actual stock tank that the cattle used! The water was pumped up from the artesian wells by windmill and the cows lined up around the rim. It was a lot bigger and decidely unclean. But in the middle of the New Mexico desert, it was one way to keep cool. This little stock tank is a sparkling oasis in Santa Rosa. Congrats on making a cool backyard getaway.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Summer Project: DIY Stock Tank Pool#comments#comments
7/22/09 10:10 PM

When I stayed in a Paris apartment, it had it's own washer in the kitchen, but no dryer. No problem for my clothes. I hang them up to dry anyway. But the sheets and towels! Especially the sheets! Where do the Europeans dry their sheets in a city apartment!!? I didn't see anybody drying their clothes on their wrought iron balonettes or fire escapes like they do in San Francisco Chinatown. Anybody know how to dry sheets in your apartment?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What's Inside Those Cabinets?
7/21/09 02:35 PM

My friend bought the armoire for her tiny but fashionable studio apartment in downtown San Francisco. It's a very well made piece and holds many things with style and organization. I recommend this line of furniture at Ikea. However, the white four poster bed seems totally out-of-keeping with the stylish update on French provencial.

Apartment Therapy DC | EDLAND Cabinetry Collection from IKEA
7/13/09 03:00 PM

It doesn't look decorated at all to me. More like you picked up furniture from the curb without editing. I will pick up something from the curb myself, but it has to add to my decorating story--which is Paris Apartment in San Francisco. But kudos to you for outliving your roommates and the 4 bed on Market!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | House Tour: Dan's Upper Market "Lake" House San Francisco
7/9/09 11:54 AM

I love the way you layered the artwork on every level. On the bed, by the baseboard on the door. Now I will use my doors for paintings as well! Beautiful!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Kathleen & Chet's Antique Market Style Chicago
7/1/09 02:12 PM

I think that smoking should be banned in apartment buildings. Secondhand smoke is even more deadly than smoking. Everybody deserves to live in a place that is free from cancer risks like smoking.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Noisy Neighbors and Outdoor Spaces Austin
6/16/09 01:49 PM

I live downtown SF and on Friday and Saturday nights, I don't even THINK about going to bed until 2 a.m. because when the bars let out all the drunks yell and scream. And then there are the sirens from the country's busiest firehouse on Bush Street. But I never ever hear my neighbors. I barely heard my neighbor pounding on the floor for a couple of hours...okay I did, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt for lawful apartment living. Only after 11 p.m. did I decide to see if he could quit building that bookshelf. Turns out he was an elderly man and the refrigerator had fallen down on him. He was trapped under the appliance and had been feebly calling for help. Needless to say, I summoned EMTs, the building manager and we got him to the hospital. While he did return to the apartment in a matter of days, he passed away just this month. Now I will have a new upstairs neighbor. Has my quiet apartment (from neighbor noise) been because it was an elderly man? Or is it quiet because my 100 apartment building is solidly built? Also, area rugs are required by lease for our hardward floors.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Survey: Street Noise or Neighbor Noise?
6/2/09 03:56 PM

Make friends with the workers! Bring them drinks, etc. You never know what wonderful people you may find just hanging outside your window. Also, opening up a dialogue with people gets them on your side and they will be more careful around your place. I wish there was someone outside my building right now washing my 5th floor windows. But that's not worth the trouble of scaffolding. Good luck!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Living Behind Scaffolding
6/2/09 03:43 PM

I think the giant 'tea bag' is one of those ugly/pretty things.

Apartment Therapy DC | Scavenger: Antique Bellows Coffee Table - $950 O.B.O. Washington, DC
5/20/09 01:42 AM

If I had the money, I'd remodel the kitchen...but wait, I sorta did by getting a kitchen island, then putting up Ikea shelving unit behind that! If the floor went bad, I'd put in black&white checkerboard tiles. With rent control in San Francisco, my 1 bedroom, 700 sq. corner apartment with 3 sets of bay windows is such a find. Since I plan on being here for YEARS, all money spent is an investment in my own enjoyabled environment.

My bathroom has horrible blue and pink tiles (nothing on the pink palace in Oakland) but I changed my usual purple color scheme to blue and chocolate. I'm glad I did. Though I'd remodel that bathroom in a second to get rid of the tiled-over cast iron tub (hello jacuzzi jets) and make it so the toilet isn't 1/2 inch away from the bathtub. I'd even give up some closet space to enlarge the bathroom.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Apartment Renovation: Landlords vs. Renters
5/20/09 01:06 AM