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I grew up with that same salmon tile. My mother embraced it, painted the walls teal, and did a beachy theme that tied the colors together. That said, she finally wants to update it (20 years later) and I've recommended a dark grey or a plummy burgundy since replacing the tile is not in the budget.

Color Ideas to Work with 1960s Bathroom Tile? Good Questions
5/20/14 04:54 PM

@ Honoria Lucasta

For the letter carrier, if you have a gift or card that you want to hand over personally, you can just leave a note on the mailbox or the door saying so and ask the carrier to knock on the door if you'll be home. Otherwise, just leave it in or around the mailbox. Most carriers I know will leave a note or card in return to let you know that they received it and to thank you. I imagine you could leave an obvious note for the trash men as well or contact their facility to see how they'd like you to leave it.

I have a lot of postal workers in my family, and they really appreciate a card or a kind note. Thanks for thinking of them!

Brighten Someone's Day: 31 Simple, Thoughtful Ideas Real Simple
2/14/14 04:55 PM

I have a black cat who likes to sleep on my white bedding. One of those cheap rubber grooming gloves with the nubs on it works perfectly to catch the fur on bedding, carpets, furniture, etc. I use the glove every morning to clean up after the cat and then vacuum on Sundays. Unfortunately the cat hates the glove, but he loves the Zoom Groom.

How To Remove Pet Hair Everywhere: From Furniture, Floors and More
1/31/14 01:00 PM

I also used ABF for a cross-country move. It's just like Pods, but a fraction of the price. It was also half the price of a moving van and since I don't drive, much simpler. They only charge you for the number of crates you use (ex: they left me three, but I needed two), which is a bonus. I had a tracking number and it even showed up in my city a day early. The delivery drivers on both ends were super nice.

My Worst Move: Sorry, We Have No Record Of Your Shipment
8/19/13 12:02 PM

This might not be super helpful, but I wouldn't block the closet or any entry ways. Not even with something on wheels. Mozart is the worst ever. If they enter your apt for any reason (and they will and without the notice required by PA Landlord/Tenant Law) and see that you've blocked those in any way, they will then do weekly inspections on your apartment to make sure that you don't create any additional "hazards."

I wish I was exaggerating. When I rented from them they got me during a "random, unscheduled inspection" as having a "hazardous living situation" for "storing an empty tea kettle on top the stove" and leaving a "pot soaking in the sink" in an otherwise spotless apartment. Some man from their offices then showed up with a checklist for the next three weeks to rummage through my underwear drawer to "check for hazards" and things went missing. This wasn't even the worst thing that they did while I lived there. Beware!

Arrangement Ideas for Small Living/Dining Room? Good Questions
8/15/13 10:55 AM

I made the mistake of trying to use a low-profile boxspring and a 15 inch pillowtop foam mattress with this frame, and about half of the headboard was covered up. The Ikea slats were a little flimsy for a foam mattress with no boxspring, so I bought a few red oak slats and had them cut to size at the hardware store. After that, it looked much better.

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6/7/13 09:42 AM