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You should definitely read “living sensationally” by Winne Dunn. The book explains that there are 4 different sensory patterns. Some of us have a low threshold and notice things quickly (the avoider and the sensor), others have a high threshold and might easily miss things (the seeker and the bystander). Further, the seeker and the avoider have an active self-regulation, meaning they try to control sensory input. The bystander and the sensor have a passive self-regulation – they let things happen and then react.

I think your boyfriend and other people, who do not seem to mind living in a messy home, are bystanders. Organised people are either a seeker or an avoider. The difference between these two, is that the seeker always want more, while the avoider prefer less.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/7/13 09:13 AM