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Great article I was once told that the British can't take a compliment well guess its the same in USA. My advice is when someone compliments you stop don't speak until you can say thank you and take the compliment by extending it further or in return you can compliment something about them. Make a habit of giving compliments ( honest ones) trust me you will feel better and people will like you better also

Someone made a comment about people who say bad things must have some problem with themselves I guess that's also true but such people are so hard to live with cos they suck out the life from you they drain you of energy like you can't believe. But remember this ( what I always tell my husband) when you point a finger at someone always there three fingers pointing at you back as if to say you have three times more faults.

This reminds me of a little incidence recently, we moved into a massive newly renovated (six bed and four bathroom) property, all furniture was new and though no personal touches had been added to a large extend I remember a family friend came round and the only thing she commented on was a small box which had been put to catch any leaka he water where a radiator had started to leak.
Live and let live.

Practice Positive: 3 Things to Stop Saying to Your Home's Visitors
2/10/14 07:50 PM

How very true. So here's my contribution to the list :
Children's clothes, toys, books and art and craft equipment.
I'm not too bad my self regarding these things however I'm guilty of hoarding things for little DIY projects and for when I can get crafty and create something so odd bits sit around the house until I realise I don't have time and sometimes even the skill ( I just have the inspiration and imagination, which is good but not enough) so then I end up throwing th away. Also because I feel guilty throwing stuff away so I keep them for "hand me downs" for the younger child which can sit for a couple of years before they fit the younger child.

But I have realised even children clothes go out of fashion and I don't have time for hobbies and craft when I do I'll buy the things as I need them so my bits and bobs I've put in a donation box ( but sadly took out and put back a couple of times as I can't quite get rid off the things) I did get rid of lots of children's clothes which I been keeping for a long time because I thought they were nice and should be worn not my daughter but now I realise I can keep them as long as I like but that's no good unless she wears them.

But still can't decide about my bits for DIY and art n craft projects help me make my mind up do keep or do I get rid of them help anyone with any comments and suggestions.

12 (Okay 13) More Items You Probably Own Too Many Of
1/8/14 06:05 PM

Maybe I came out a little harsh I'm sorry cos that wasn't the intention. Anyhow good luck with the projects and finding a "nicer" and bigger place it all makes sense now that you explained it. Actually now I wish I had your energy and vision to do up my house which is a massive 6 bedroom old victorian ( by England standards thats massive).

Maybe you can give a few pointers as to where and how to start, that is if your not too bitter about my earlier comments thanks.

Lauren's Cure: Tying Up Loose Ends Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/4/14 06:23 PM

Shoes shoes shoes and more shoes you can't live with them and you certainly can't live without them my husband yes husband keeps about six pairs by the door and children are a little better but not too much personally I keep two and believe me there adequate who looks at your shoes any way as long as they're comfortable and ideal for the job your good to go. If any one knows of the ideal storage in the hallway let me know I've tried a few but in the end they just lay on the hallway floor in a straight line yep all thirty, forty pairs still always a talking point for visitors I always say it resembles the little market stalls you see on holidays.

Any one without kids it might be ideal to get those self assemble storage things were you get plastic sheets you slot into each other to make the shape you want quite good but not very strong if kids keep falling/ sitting on top.

Julia's Cure: All the Things I Usually Avoid Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/3/14 06:38 PM

I think your house is lovely but if you want to do more that's up to you and good luck to you, however I think we live too much for the future we are always planning the next steps that sometimes we forget to live the present. I think you should appreciate your beautiful home as it is and enjoy your children with the hand prints on the walls the clutered toys and of course all the happy times spent in the home with the children because those times will go faster than you think sadly never to return making a beautiful house more beautiful can be done any time. To top it up you will only move once complete only to start again. You spent seven years and your not satisfied if you do that again you may not have time to enjoy the best seven years of your children's lives.

Sorry to put a dampener on things that's just what I think my children first my home second.

Lauren's Cure: Tying Up Loose Ends Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/3/14 06:06 PM

I know what iam gonna say is gonna annoy alot of people but at the same time I feel these are probably the people who would benefit from this the most, so I apologise and say take it with a pinch of salt it's for your own good.

My house size has more than doubled since my move as apposed to my old place (6 bedrooms 4 bathrooms which in England is big) so many would say yeah time for a shopping spree and would carry on buying until they'd clutered the place.

Here's the thing my house has very basic furniture and we poses very basic amount of "things" it's not a money problem or a space problem but basically a learned teqnique to stop a) getting stressed with the amount "rubbish" I've accumulated over time b) wasting money c) getting possessive over materialistic things. I low that just as it has happened to many I too could loose this power to buy to spend and to accumulate so I figure far more difficult to have and loose than to have never had.

I don't know if any of this makes sense or not but here's the thing I own two pairs of shoes one pair of boots( hand me downs from my daughter) three pairs of sandals ( only cos I dress up and so I have one black one gold and yes one silver and in summer I buy cheap sandals which usually need to be thrown away at the end of season cos I only buy one or two there pretty worn out. I own only one coat which is fairly cheap and ill wear everyday for the winter at the end of which if its ok it'll stay for one more winter otherwise ill buy one to replace it.

I know some of you must be thinking she's either mad or she can't afford it believe me it's neither and I know people who know me probably also say that but I pysically can't make my self buy stuff I count my blessings and am gratefull for all that I have and am trying to bring my children up to this way of thinking "eat good food but not excessively ( you only create more problems) buy only the things you really need and only when you need them know the difference between a need and a want, buy for your pleasure not to please others because you can't please everyone and if your not happy with your self how will others be happy with you.

Work on these principals then believe me no place is too small and no one would have too much stuff they can't fit into their homes and have things they have never used or had forgotten they even had.

Lastly sorry I went on too long but I rely feel for you people living depressives lives as your chained by the materialistic world around you. You deserve to be free and to live and to enjoy life to know not of the selfishness of having sooooo much you dont know what to do with the stuff but the pleasure in walking away empty handed from a shop and the greatest pleasure of giving to someone who truly "needs" the things and to breath easily again without a heavy weight (of all the things you have accumulated over time) on your shoulders weighing you down.

Round Up: Small Space Solutions
12/22/13 08:29 PM

I like these nooks they look so cosy any cutsy. I wish I had such a thing when I was little but I do have a memory of hiding in an empty cupboard whilst playing hide n seek and the free standing cupboard fell over with me trapped inside. Still I think these are quite nice and surly they would encourage reading. Everyone keeps talking about lack of storage space etc my question is why do they have to be in a cupboard surly any comfortable corner with cosy n comfy seating area and lots of cusions, soft toys and books is perfect.

I started such a thing but had given up but now you have given my plan a new lease of life so I'm going to finish it off. I think my boys will like it and it might encourage reading. Thanks for the ideas.

Kids Closets Used as Reading Nooks
11/26/13 08:14 PM

Lovely house love the lived in look I think this is the first house that's feels truly comforting. I feel I can relate to this. I think I'm probably the only one who failed to realise that it was wall paper in the utility room I just thought wow books even in there why would one do that, I guess they got a lot of books so they gotta go somewhere ha ha.

Any way a lot of ideas to take back I have a lot of ideas but am always scared to go ahead with them incase they don't work out. A few questions though

What is the horse thing and why does it serve any purpose and who's idea was it.
The horrible picture is that personal (did you have it painted) or is it something you bought and WHY???
The books look good is it a coincident or did you specifically set out to buy them so the colours would work out right.
The bottles in the bathroom are they used ones or did you buy them.

I could go on and on but I won't bore you just one last thing the swings/hamacks in the kids room where are they from and can they go on any high ceiling are they easy to put up I think my 5 and 7 year old boys would love them.

Beutiful house I hope you enjoy many happy years in it you've worked for it now enjoy it let the house grow ang change around you as you and your family grow in it good luck.

The Roberts' Playful Wonderland West End Townhouse House Tour
11/26/13 06:28 PM

Wow great post and the response is just as good thanks maxwell and everyone who replied because those comments also mean so much. Funny about timing I was actually on holiday last week when the safety message came I actually said "yeah tight I would put my five year olds mask on first " now looking back I realise how stupid it all sounds but the problem is having five children and a very selfish and self centered husband you get so used to putting your self last you don't even realise, so much so that had there been a safety issue I could easily be dead now.

I think what we all need is time to stop and reflect every now again to just be reminded that you really do need to take care of number one and that is YOU. The list is great as a building blocks and every one can take what they want and change to suit themselves. All those people who are proudly saying I do most of what's on the list should be reminded that we would all like to be in the same situation however some people can't due to the people around them or their situation.

People judge others so often by such lists and by a persons achievements however we would choose to be successful in every aspect of our lives if we had a choice it's just sometimes it's not up to you we are all a product of our experiences, our surroundings and the infulance of people around us.

So a future post I think would be usefull is how to influence people around you how to win them over to think and behave the way you think for example the list is great but if you have to do even more than the lions share of the work cos your partner wouldn't how do you change that how do you not give your children choices and get them to help with chores if you partner is gearing them up a different way.

One last comment don't have too high expectations and beat your self about it if you don't achieve if everyone was brilliant at managing time, children, careers and every thing else than that wouldn't be success that would be the norm and besides you have to experience the bad to appreciate the good. Enjoy while it lasts cos it don't stay for ever and those having a tough time don't stress because this time too will pass and you will see the silver lining of your dark clouds.

Design Tweaks for Better Living, or Putting On Your Oxygen Mask First...
11/22/13 05:23 AM

Where is this yellow room everyone keeps talking about cos I don't see it or have I really been blinded by it.

Last Day to Enter: Room for Color
9/17/13 06:20 PM

The dish looks amazing and the comments make it sound even better. I cook Asian rice dishes so this would be yummy to try something different. I just have something funny about the berries are they a must?, can we leave them out?, is there an alternative? The saffron is dafinately worth trying from Asian ( Indian/Pakistani) shops or even maybe on the Internet.

Recipe: Iranian Jeweled Rice Recipes from The Kitchn
9/15/13 08:03 PM

I don't if anyone wants to know or if its helps but I love fresh flowers in the house so when they dry out I let dry completely then remove the heads which I put in a large see through clear vase with a bit of arranging the order and putting flowers espacially red roses so the center is facing outwards I end up with a beautiful display. So not only have I used up flowers that would otherwise have gone in the bin but I have actually created a unique piece of art also I've captured memories as I can often recall when I was given certain flowers ie 12 red roses for valentines day flowers from a birthday etc pity I can't dry lilies like this as they're one of my favourites.

Saving Summer: 5 DIY Ways to Keep & Display Flowers or Botanicals
8/22/13 09:46 AM

I am not a big fan of this kind of deco but even something I liked in every room but most of congrats on pulling it all together and letting your individuality show in your creations and in how you put it altogether and having the courage to show everyone all those that love it and have nice comments and those that don't.

Christi's Nature-Inspired Echo Park Home House Tour
8/22/13 09:30 AM

One small sugestion or question depending on how you look at it maybe the outbox shouldn't be hidden away rather placed some where visible 1) so you look at the items and realise how big the pile is getting and deal with it 2) so if someone ie friend/family come notice something they like that has a possibility of being thrown away they can have it ( I have a lot of stuff that I think people may like or want but feel a little strange to ask if they want my old items.

Day 4: Set Up a One-Room Outbox Apartment Therapy's Style Cure
8/11/13 05:10 AM

The kitchen photos are lovely but what makes it even better is having the story around it , it's nice to know snit about the person who lives there and in the this case the story is as warm and heart touching as the kitchen as is the tea on the window sill. Thank you for posting reminds me of my holiday in Greece (well the island of Corfu) though it wasn't traditional at all (where i stayed anyway) but very pleasant, but i am certain it also brings memories of homelands far away and old traditional homes from times gone by when mums did a lot more cooking and baking. How I wish like we can all enjoy the modern life but like time travel go back there again in a plane ride once more to enjoy those things once more ( of course she enjoys having three passports who wouldn't).

Eva Green's Greek Hideaway Kitchen Tour
7/30/13 05:37 AM

I don't use fabric or any such things but the post looked interesting so I read it. The pictures look so colourful and interesting and actually some how beautiful and relaxing, but the comments prove so much different options can work and there are sooo many variations none the less nice article to see.

I think I'll let my mum know of the lady who put some item away in 1977 (incedently the year I was born) and found it now at first try, my mum would probably spent the next 36 looking for it as she has collected so much stuff and stores it quite badly too.

Craft Room Organization: 10 Smart Ways to Store Fabric
7/30/13 05:06 AM

Funny this recipe should come up now as having watched a food show I made Hammus for the first time a couple of days ago. Considering it was my first time and how great the consistency was I,ll share a tip that was given which was to use ice cold water (I put a glass of cold water in the fridge in the time it took me to peel the chickpeas ( if you rub all the chickpeas together most of the skins come off fairly quickly any remaking you can peel one at a time ) and the olive oil I used was the extra virgin one I don't know if that makes a difference as opposed to the normal one.

For flavour I used mint sauce (bottled stuff easily available from the supper marks) (I think I used a little too much mind) but so many new ideas and new variations I can't wait to try.

How To Make Hummus from Scratch Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/29/13 10:08 PM

I'm not one for berries espacially if sweet and sour taste but living in England some of these sound familiar and easy to find. But here's my recommendation for any one who hasn't tried it already (though in season they wouldn't be easily available all over, but are available in most twins in England) so what's the fruit I bet your all asking its the Pakistani mango a yellow fruit with a skin and a big stone with very juicy flash. If you have had the African mango don't mistake the two there is a huge difference in juicyness , sweetness and texture.

Find these mangoes espacially the ones called chonsaa, keep in fridge over night and have on a hot day. My challenge is no one would be disappointed I have boxes of them in the past and often given them out as recommendation and people said they loved them and that it was dessert on its own. Also these different even compared to the Indian mango. So find these from an Pakistani green grocers and report back if your up to the challenge but be quick the best of the season will finish by end of July (when the monsoon rains start).

5 Summer Fruits That Are Tragically Hard to Find (But You Should Look Anyway)
7/11/13 03:30 PM

These are great ideas as long as your quite handy with the power tools and good at DIY I wish I could have used these ideas with my kids cot but unfortunately I could only manage to reuse the matters (even that wasn't as effect as picture two). I used it to place on the side of my sons bed to cushion him in the nite so he wouldn't hurt himself on the wall in his sleep.

But I love these ideas, they,r as good as when I saw a beautiful garden in middle of which was placed a toilet inside of which grew very pretty flowers just goes to show what you can do with a bit of imagination and creativity.

5 Unexpected Ways to Revamp an Old Crib
6/30/13 07:54 PM

I think a lot of people said design a room around it surely that's giving out the wrong message completely cos now your saying I love it so much that I am prepared to change the whole room and spend this much time and energy on it. Tell him the truth and get over it by donating to a charity shop(do you have them in America) that will make it a little less harsh besides if he spent this much time to choose the gift on the first place you wouldn't be in this dilemma. Nice to see how much interest everyone has in this, that said I think you better let everyone know the result and if you do put it up include pictures.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/26/13 05:00 AM