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re the "within reach" comments.
I don't have the stats infront of me but I've also read that while the prices are high compared with IKEA etc they are actually not insanely far from the inflation adjusted prices that the originals sold for way back in the day when they were intended for the middle class consumer.
The difference was that people expected to save up for a while to afford pieces they would then keep for a long time. And they spent money we spend now on smartphones, dataplans, etc etc in different ways.
Like I said, maybe I'm mis-remembering and would love to see the stats.

Herman Miller Acquires Design Within Reach Design News
7/18/14 01:01 PM

I would add a 6th, spending the money on unfun things like home maintenance/insurance (renters or otherwise).

Home Design Decisions Only Grown-Ups Will Make
6/26/14 02:29 PM

ditto the way too much, we went with hardie board and did new exterior insulation with it as well.

How Much Did it Cost to Replace Your House Siding? Reader Intelligence Request
6/19/14 10:27 AM

as someone who is in the middle of an (admittedly not small) remodel, i cant even begin to imagine how we would do this without a GC.
Sure we pay them for the services...just like someone pays me to do my job.

5 No-Regrets Ways to Safely Skimp on a Home Remodel
6/9/14 05:59 PM

Don't know about this specific table but as to the durability of laminate, it's amazing! We have a tulip table with laminate top and I see now what people say about the design being about practicality - that thing has taken 3 years of everything two babies can throw at it (food everywhere constantly, pens and crayons, silverware etc) and looks good as new.

Square Version of This Table for My Dining Room? Good Questions
6/6/14 08:26 AM

they are lovely pendants but these ones are replicas of the original

Beat Pendant Wide by Tom Dixon
5/20/14 10:44 AM

Its been 7 years since we got a dishwasher and I still will randomly tell my husband how much I love having it while loading or unloading. I just really hate handwashing dishes, and its great to have a machine that does it for me. Maybe I'm just lazy but its a chore that I hate.

Jennifer's Kitchen: The Last Week Renovation Diary
4/29/14 11:55 PM

I was going to say the same things about the big bang - even if they are just untenured professors that is more than they would be making (sadly)

Could TV Characters Really Afford Their Rents? Design News
4/17/14 05:22 PM

Lovely room. But only in Texas would someone call it a small playroom! Ha

A Great, Graphic Playroom Professional Project
2/4/14 07:42 PM

I want one of these - led and filament style

Plumen 002: Energy Efficient Alternative Bulb
1/16/14 01:17 PM

I want to do this but struggle with HOW. How do you preserve all these videos we have now???

5 Reasons to Organize Your Home Videos
1/13/14 04:20 PM

Has anyone bought h&m sheets? Comments??

Under $50: Black & White Kids Decor
1/2/14 05:13 PM

we did calendar but with the giant Stendig calendar. Awesome backdrop and one of my favorite mementos from their first year

Track Your Baby's Growth With Sequential Monthly Photos
12/4/13 01:29 PM

My experience with all in one washer/dryer (or non vented dryers) is that it depends on the unit.
Ones with no water bucket to empty (or hook up to a sink) just heat the stuff to a hot wet mess. The kind that have a little bucket that fills and you empty out (condensation ones) work just about as well as a regular dryer (though typically smaller)

Before & After: Laundry Room Gets Scrubbed of Its Boring Past
11/21/13 01:52 PM

I think these are so cute for when you have an infant. And then they turn into toddlers and all of a sudden the few diapers you have laying around almost can't be seen for the giant mess of toddler tornado that is everywhere at any given time :)

Windel's Incognito Diaper Cabinet ABC Kids 2013
10/28/13 10:50 AM

VanessaLA, I don't understand what you mean by that, one has birds and one a tree?
Many parents of twins have enough to worry about if they are treating their kids fair or equal, kind of seems uncessesary to make a point like that

A Simply Sweet Space for Olivia & Zoe My Room
9/20/13 10:12 PM

I would like to do this one day, right now our two year olds have different sleep needs so I would rather let the one who needs more sleep get it in the morning (and no he can't sleep through the other waking). Plus they do all their playing in the living room.
But one day!

2 Rooms, 2 Kids: Shared Bedroom or Gain a Playroom?
8/15/13 03:06 PM

Bummed that the crib sized ones are sold out :(

Deer Duvet Set Family Find
8/5/13 04:04 PM

I have a mix of concrete and old 50s tiles (vinyl?). Is there a paint that you could use over both?

Hide an Unfinished Laundry Room with Paint & Fabric Dans Le Townhouse
7/22/13 04:07 PM

Ditto the formula comment! I exclusively nursed my twins and never needed formula on a trip, your body is very capable, time zones, air travel and all.

Packing Light For A Baby Or Toddler
7/22/13 04:01 PM