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I am the most organized disorganized person you will ever meet. I challenge myself each day to be somewhat organized, hence my great Microsoft excel skills. However if you would look at my outlook email you would see my work inbox has 2500 emails, all read i will add, and my sent box has 12,000. I have countless folders as well. When all of my OCD impaired colleagues sneer and say that is the sign of "someone who doesn't get it" I laugh because invariably that week one of them will come and ask if I have tht memo or that sales person review or that sales contract from xxx ago (and xxx is from as short as a week ago to as far back as 10 years). Yeah, they may be neat and organized but they're not a creative spirit like I am and that read/file/trash system isn't what it's made out to be.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
6/9/13 10:26 AM

As a ripper-offer I do subscribe to the "I could do that ..." Concept for my house. I'm not selling anything I'm just recreating what I saw and putting it on my walls. Much the same way that rather than buy a work table many of our artistic community prolly run to a lumber yard and build something themselves....#justsayin ...or instead of buying windex perhaps they make it themselves ...again #justsayin - so should you be scorned etc for that...nah the rest of us really don't care. So don't consider me rude because I look at something you do and go "I can do that..." Most likely laziness creeps in and it's just one more thing on my list of "when I get to it"
Originality is just undetected plagiarism (and yes, I plagiarized that statement)

Do You DIY Modern Art?
6/6/13 07:17 AM