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We're in the middle of an entire house remodel (with an infant). It's been slightly over a year, and we are about half way done. I agree with trying to convert a bedroom into a kitchen, IF you have the space. What helped me was being able to eat outside on the patio, but I know that is dependent on weather and location. We ate a lot of microwaved meals, and a hot water kettle was indispensable. If you do have good weather a grill is your new oven. Good luck!

Just a side note, I panicked about lead paint when I learned I was pregnant (construction had already started, walls had come down). When I had a blood test done there was NO trace of lead (our house was built in 1925). Just use obvious precautions if the house is older.

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1/20/14 03:54 PM

When I was a toddler I would purposely sleep in closets. It was comforting. Cute space!

Small Space Style: Baby Bristow's Closet Nursery My Room
11/18/13 07:14 PM

Most of these examples are probably IKEA picture frame ledges (Ribba). The natural wood example (#8) is likely an IKEA spice rack. They look really cute when painted different colors.

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8/9/13 07:11 PM

Great house and tour - thanks for sharing! Love the exposed beams in the ceiling, and great job on the exterior. Makes me miss Austin - recently moved after ten years on the east side. Keep cool!

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8/8/13 09:58 PM

Austin is a great city! Unfortunately, housing market prices are currently skyrocketing right now, so be prepared for bidding wars and significant competition. I just put a 750 sq.ft house on the market in central East Austin and received eight offers with 36 hours, two all cash. I agree that it may be difficult to find a home for 2000 sq ft within your range, especially in central Austin where homes are older and neighborhoods are more established. As for the AISD school district, do your research - each school is different. I taught in the district and would send my own children there. If you don't want a significant commute and want to experience the true Austin vibe try to stay central (Mueller development, French Place, Crestview, North Loop...) and please ignore the offensive "ghetto" comments about East Austin. Good luck!

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7/11/13 07:53 PM

I don't understand some of these comments. Overall, really nice remodel! The sink and wood countertop looks fantastic, and the window shelf is very clever - especially for a small bathroom. I too am interested in what the flooring is.

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6/25/13 02:49 AM

First off, I'm not convinced e-mail is a more eco-conscious means of communication:

Regardless, Evites do seem very informal to me, and while convenient I think a lot of people have been over-invited and stop replying, or wait until the last minute to see who else is attending. (And I did use an Evite for my wedding reception, which was an informal backyard BBQ several months after I was married.)

I do like the idea of sending a written invitation to a formal event (wedding, shower, etc.), and asking people to respond via e-mail or a phone call. If you expect a written response, make sure the return envelope has a stamp on it.

Does this mean thank you notes are now acceptable as e-mails?

Entertaining Etiquette: When Are Evites Acceptable?
6/22/13 01:34 AM

I have both traveled on Airbnb (in the U.S. and internationally) as well as rented a private suite with separate entrance from my home for several months. As both a guest and a host, I have nothing but very positive experiences about Airbnb. Both guests and hosts are reviewed (and negative reviews do exist), and Airbnb insures both the guest and the host in the event of damages, etc. I have nothing but extremely positive experiences as a host, my guests were usually entrepreneurs, world travelers, or on business- in some cases brought thank you gifts, cleaned the room before checking out, or shared a meal or drink with my husband and me on the patio. It is important to know and understand your liability as a host, and what your city's ordinances might be. Guests need to make sure to read reviews and know what kind of accommodations they are receiving (shared home, private room, guest house, etc) Airbnb has changed the way I have traveled, and I hope it continues to be successful and welcomed in cities around the world.

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6/6/13 01:10 PM