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I am doing the cure for the second time, but only the first time from the beginning (I discovered AT when the cure was in week 4 last time). I did some significant rearranging of my living space for that cure, but various things got in my way of finishing my goals. I am still putting the landing strip together. In every change I have made I have attempted to think things through completely to make sure I will not make a change that will have to be readjusted later. This is partially because I have jumped in to other organizing projects all gung-ho and they don't usually work out all that well, so my husband looks askance at such enthusiasm. So part of it is trying to be measured and have good judgement, but I also want all these changes to be the right ones.

Going to read Chapter 1 today.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Fall Cure 2009: Discussion Board North
10/16/09 07:36 AM

I got the kids' bedrooms switched around. Formerly, the smaller bedroom was the playroom and the larger one was a room for 3 girls. Now, the two older girls have their bunkbed in the smaller room. This has helped a lot because the littlest girl doesn't sleep well with other people in the room, and the older girls are getting more sleep because the back bedroom is darker (darker color and only one window) and because the littlest sister isn't keeping them awake. Little sis has her bed in the larger bedroom, which now has the armchair (for reading time) and a nice big open space for play during the daytime. This sister can sleep in the brighter room just fine, and she doesn't have other people in the room to bother.

I'm in the process now of eliminating extra furniture and clutter. We are much better at accumulating things than at getting rid of them! So far I have promised my hubby only to put things in the shed and not give them away. Hopefully he will see how much nicer it is without the extra things. He's afraid of us not having enough storage without all the extra bookshelves and cabinets that are going out the door.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Week 5: Getting Into The Thick Of It Show Tell
4/22/09 11:00 AM

That is not a carrier, it is a large litter box with a lid. You can find them at any pet store or at Wally World.

My cats don't/didn't like lids (only got one now, the other one passed of old age). If you have a cat that will deal with a lid it is a nice way to keep the odor and litter tracking controlled.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Laurana's 16 Square Foot Craft Studio
4/22/09 10:30 AM

My teenage bedroom had a bunk bed frame for the bed--I used the upper part for hanging purses and jackets that were in rotation. The walls in one corner were for tacking up comic strips i had cut out of newspapers. The area above my bed and by my door were for movie and book quotes I had done in calligraphy. ("Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something." William Goldman, The Princess Bride.)

I also had an old chair (as someone mentioned above, it was genuine shabby) which I painted over with poster paints in wild colors. I think the seat was red, the outer posts yellow, the inner posts purple, and the legs blue. This was my nightstand. It looked pretty neat because the glossy white paint underneath gave the poster paints an interesting glow.

Instead of shades I would paint pictures on my windows and, now and again, remove them with a paint scraper to change them.

All in all, I would have to say my sense of style was to have a riot all over the walls. It looked like a portfolio full of papers and clipped comics had exploded.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Five Lessons From Your Teenage Bedroom
4/21/09 08:44 AM

I like the convenience of baskets, but I can never get them to work in my household. I realize now that part of the problem has been not labeling the basket, but there's also the fact that it's too tempting to drop anything you don't feel like walking to its actual place in any nearby basket, and they are too tempting to children. At least young children, who love the exercise of taking everything out of a basket and putting it back, but mostly taking everything out. And leaving it lying around.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Organizing Tip: Use Baskets
4/9/09 01:50 PM

Hi everyone! I live in NW Ohio and just found AT and the Cure about a week ago. I devoured the book (as is my way) and I am jumping right into the middle, here. I am doing things more in a "Spring Cleaning and decluttering inspired by the AT Cure" than following the formula in the exact order. There are several reasons for that, but the number one is that the book convinced me that we are very "warm" people (you remember, the clutterbugs with too much furniture and too many knick-knacks and nowhere to put anything). In fact, I would venture to say that compared to the warm people profiled in the book, we are smoking, blazing fire hot!

I had some ideas about how to better use our space and existing furniture before I found AT. Reading the book really solidified some of my thinking and gave me some new ideas as well.

I am going to add some more details later about this whole thing, but right now I need to get to bed! I moved around a bunch of stuff and I'm all wound up with thoughts of what I want to do in some repurposed spaces around the house, so I haven't felt sleepy yet. But I know I need to get some fabulous shut-eye if I want to follow the spirit of the Cure! I'll add more about my situation tomorrow. Ciao!

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4/8/09 02:20 AM

Ashley, is the pictured room your living room? I ask because if it is, we lived in an apartment with the same front layout. My husband moved in there with a roommate the year before we married, and she had the couch with its back to the door, about 4 feet into the room. There was a kidney-shaped table behind the couch, across from the piece of wall between the door and the window. She had done a project on the table where you break pretty ceramic plates and then use the pieces as tiles to cover the table-top. She kept a small lamp, a dish for keys, and an upright mail-sorter on the table and it worked really well. Just wanted to toss that out as an idea for placement for you.

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4/8/09 01:39 AM