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Muji has some great plastic organizers. They come in different sizes and heights, and are stackable which may work for deep drawers. Have used them to keep the bathroom drawers organized for years.

It's the Little Things: Drawer Organizers
1/6/13 05:06 PM

The Le Corbusier is a knock-off, which explains the price difference between this one and what you see on DWR. The seller should have labeled the ad "Le Corbusier inspired" lounge.

Sleek Modernism: Le Corbusier, End Tables & Credenza The Thursday AFTERNOON Scavenger
11/10/12 05:00 PM

I have a vintage knock off rope chair purchased at an estate sale years ago. Our cat also thought of it as his own stylish scratching post. We ended up putting the chair away to avoid further damage.

The repair company Kimberm posted looks very skilled, but it's hard to pay $750 to repair a chair I paid $20 for originally.

Modern Classics: Hans Wegner's
Folding Chair

9/15/12 05:46 PM

Shouldn't it be "furniture translated into fall fashion trends?" since most of the furniture shown has been around for decades.

And those boots are ridiculous.

Fall Fashion Translated to Furniture
9/15/12 05:16 PM

Exciting project! Personally in a small space I would go for a light grey (like Benjamin Moore Fieldstone) or light creamy brown (like Benjamin Moore Richmond Grey) on the walls. Then I would paint the door in a deep color like charcoal, rich chocolate brown, or a deep red, whatever fits your taste and the rest of the room.

I would put privacy shades on the window for night time (you could even use simple roller blinds) and then hang sheer white curtains that go to the floor. Then during the day you have privacy but light coming in and at night you can shut the blinds and still have a nice look. The current curtains are hung very close to the ceiling, which accentuates the low ceiling. If you can lower the top of the curtains by a few inches that will help minimize the low ceiling, as well as taking the curtains to the floor.

Definitely need an area rug. I would keep the futon but get rid of the other couch and go for large floor pillows. Again, in a room with a low ceiling, keep the furniture low will help. Floor pillows would be an easy way to bring in an accent color and can be stacked out of the way when not in use, which is good for a small room.

The table the tv is on is very nice, but can you have fewer things on it?

Change the ceiling light to something softer and add a floor lamp next to the futon - sofa height lamp (43") not a full height floor lamp to again make the room feel taller. Or if you get a side table a table lamp so you have more than one source of light. Some art on the wall... Good luck and have fun!

Ideas for Turning an Odd-Shaped Space into a Cozy Living Room?
Good Questions

3/14/12 06:23 AM

This a business, not a home. While they may have spent money on the renovation, assuming they are good business people it's with a return on that investment in mind. They now have more space to display their product (in this case art) and meet with clients without having to buy or rent additional square footage. Over the long term this will hopefully mean a financial benefit. They now have a proper storage space for the art, which could not have been done in a musty basement, etc.

It happens to be beautiful on top of (hopefully) being a good investment in their business. Nicely done.

Before & After: An Art Gallery's Picture-Perfect Basement Renovation
3/4/12 04:11 AM

It's not really DIY, it's more AIY (assemble-it-yourself), but I've been happy with ordering framing kits from . For large pieces it can add up but it's still a lot less expensive than a frame shop.

DIY Ideas for Framing Large Artwork
3/4/12 03:56 AM

Blue sky with puffy clouds. Or a giant pacifier.

Ideas for an Image to Rasterbate for a Baby Shower
Good Questions

10/12/11 05:49 AM

Really like this. The proportions in the drawing are perfect. More glasses would throw off the visual balance.

Wineglass by Julian King
Design Showcase 2011

9/20/11 02:25 PM

It's an example of design following the culture. Food culture here is very different than in the US. One small example...unlike American soft bread, the bread here is not stored in the fridge. Its crunchy crust would go soggy in the fridge (uck). And since it's made without preservatives it last for 1 or 2 days only = more frequent trips to the bakery.

In some ways frequent small shopping trips keep the neighborhood grocers, bakers, butchers, and farmer's markets in business. Although the "mega store" model is becoming more common unfortunately.

House Swap: Small Things That Make a Big Difference
9/19/11 04:19 AM

Love what you did with the flooring. What a simple yet brilliant idea for an open plan.

I would want to steal your dog (great name too).

Alan's Colorful, Daring & Dramatic East Austin Home
House Tour

9/19/11 03:52 AM

Design-wise, I don't find standard while toilet seat covers offensive so really the benefit would be in the child's seat, IF it's easy to use and clean. Having the child's seat integrated means one less thing to fit into a small bathroom.

A drawing on how it works would have been more helpful than the technical drawing...

LOU The Toilet Seat by Brett Teper & Rich Williams
Design Showcase 2011

9/17/11 06:54 AM

Congrats on having a finished piece that you like. Personally I would have preferred to see the natural wood restored rather than painted. I'm all for repainting already painted pieces or cheap pine wood, but this looked like it was a quality piece. Very warm, natural and lovely wood needing a little tlc.

Before & After: What a Difference Some Paint Makes!
7/13/11 07:02 AM

We bought the Charly small fan 2 weeks ago and are very happy with it. It looks nice, doesn't take much space and is nice and quiet.

Summertime Sourcelist: 10 Fabulous, Functioning Fans
7/11/11 09:40 AM

I had that exact same crib mobile when I was a baby, which was then used for my 3 siblings. It may have been a hand-me-down to me from an older cousin which would put it around early 1970s. So nice to see it again. There was a matching lamp that went with it, with the cat, the owl and the moon from the nursery rhyme (if I remember correctly). Maybe you'll come across it some day and have the set. :)

Poesy's Eclectic Vintage Nursery
Nursery Tour

3/20/11 03:52 AM

Can you please give tips on moving your sculptures safely around the world? In our last move, one of ours was broken. Any secrets for successfully protecting them?

Jon & Liezel's Concrete Block
House Tour

8/30/10 04:31 PM

Turning them into mirrors might have been nice. Still sober and fitting with the rest of the place, but not so empty.

Hot or Not?: A Collection of Empty Frames | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/29/10 03:11 PM

Really lovely home! I do wonder why you dry walled over the ceiling beams in the main room though, instead of just painting them white. What was the reason? But other than that little detail, really great renovation.

Oscar's Swedish Inspired Renovation House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
1/7/10 05:29 PM

There are some really inspiring ideas shown. I enjoyed the tour. It does seem more like a design "concept store" than a home. Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on the goal of the project I guess.

Pratt Designers Furnish a Home — Part 1 House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
12/3/09 05:41 PM

Interesting article. I had no idea. I bought a table from DWR (on sale) when it will still a young-ish company, but I stopped following DWR a few years ago.

It sounds like their former CEO tried to take an appealing shortcut to profitability, but thankfully was unable to sneak it by buyers and designers. If they really wanted to reduce their carbon footprint and costs by not manufacturing things in Europe for U.S. customers, there are legal and ethical ways to do this. For example, Vitra and Herman Miller (competitors) both own the licenses to manufacture and sell the same authorized reproductions in their markets (Vitra makes Eames products for Europe and HM for the US). A knock-off isn't the right way to go about it. Negotiating with designers and manufacturers is.

I hope the company can get back on track and recover. I think they'll have to branch out from the now ubiquitous classics and show some design savvy by continuing to introduce US customers to new designs/designers. But they'll have to regain the trust of the design community first.

The Rise and Fall of Design Within Reach Fast Company | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
11/24/09 06:17 PM