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I love it! I'm guessing the tiles are hand-made, and that's why they look imperfect. But that just gives it some character.

Sunset Magazine Unveils a New Los Angeles Idea House Los Angeles Times
7/31/14 11:21 AM

I love it! I'm guessing the tiles are hand-made, and that's why they look imperfect. But that just gives it some character.

Sunset Magazine Unveils a New Los Angeles Idea House Los Angeles Times
7/31/14 11:21 AM

NO. Just no.

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7/31/14 11:17 AM

Great tips! I recently changed my lamps to soft white LED bulbs and I love the bright warm glow.

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7/22/14 03:11 PM

Beautiful marble! A subtle but colorful ombre on the stair railing could be fun. Bold yet classic.

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7/22/14 02:48 PM

I think this is a great practice. I refill the same tea mug for days at a time without washing it, and I haven't died from it yet!

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7/16/14 12:14 PM

How fun - that looks awesome!

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7/7/14 02:53 PM

Good stuff!

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6/24/14 11:22 AM

Interesting question. My sister and I are complete opposites. I am an OCD neat-freak, and she is a total slob. I have no idea how it turned out that way. Ever since I was a little kid, keeping things perfect and tidy was just a natural instinct for me. I feel so much more focused and relaxed when everything is in order. But my sister doesn't mind chaos and clutter at all. She can be staring directly at a giant pile of clutter or a messy kitchen sink or 11,234 unread emails, and she literally doesn't see it. It's a total non-issue for her.

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6/19/14 11:20 AM

Love them all! Totally inspired.

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6/5/14 04:25 PM

Congratulations on 10 years of success!! Apartment Therapy is my bible and you are such an inspiration to me.

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6/3/14 12:13 PM

Name: The Drawing Board

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1/24/11 11:04 AM

And please check out my website at to learn more about my business!

By the way, I wanted to share the paint colors I used in the space with you all. They are all Benjamin Moore Classic Colors.

Entry Wall: Red Parrot 1308
Bathroom: Yellowstone 202
Living Room Accent 1: Sweet Vibrations 391
Living Room Accent 2: In the Midnight Hour 1666

All other walls: Muskoka Trail 974
I used a warm, off-white to balance the accent walls. Although it's only slightly different than a pure white, it makes a huge difference in terms of making the room feel cozy as opposed to stark.

Laura's Ultra Cheerful Design
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12/16/10 12:15 PM

@mirandajane - I hear you about the perfect chalkboard wall. I actually brought in my friend Marybeth to write on the wall because she has such lovely handwriting. If you want to live in a beautiful home, good design is just the starting point. It takes a certain kind of lifestyle to maintain that design. It's not necessarily difficult or time-consuming, but you have to make it a priority and put in small efforts everyday. A little tip for adding unsavory items to the shopping list: Think of a neutral code word that makes sense to you, but doesn't reveal too much. Mouse traps and Dental Floss...MT and DF??

Laura's Ultra Cheerful Design
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12/16/10 12:09 PM

Wow you guys! Thank you so much for all your great feedback. Being featured on AT is a total dream come true for me :)

To answer some of your questions...
1. The bedroom chair is from West Elm.
2. The headboard is from Queen-size is sold out, but it looks like they still have the full-size version:
3. The rug and dining table are both CB2, but are now discontinued.
4. I had my sister, a graphic designer, help me with the "Welcome Home" and "Rise and Shine" prints. She laid them out in Photoshop and then we printed them and put them in frames.
5. The Parking Lot print is from IKEA. Their stock is constantly changing, so I'm afraid it's not available anymore.
6. The sofa is the Corona sofa from Macy's.
7. The red lamp is from the Door Store - only $99! I didn't see it online, but I purchased it from the Chelsea store at 123 W. 17th Street.

Laura's Ultra Cheerful Design
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12/16/10 12:02 PM

I like the natural brick and the warm, exotic feel you have going on in the room. I think some kind of tapestry or oriental rug would look beautiful hanging above the fireplace. It would bring color and texture to the space, and would make a great focal point. Something like this might be nice:

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4/7/09 05:12 PM