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And don't call it an Estate Sale when it legally isn't. /pet-peeve

How to Make Sure Your Garage Sale is Legal (& Keep Your Neighbors From Hating You) Apartment Therapy's Guide to the Perfect Summer
6/14/14 06:50 PM

All my older influences in my life have laughed this idea off when I've mentioned wanting to do it, citing how quickly it will deteriorate :( anyone have some longevity feedback?

Turn a Washing Machine Drum Into a Backyard Fire Pit in Just 1 Hour for $10 House & Fig
3/11/14 01:07 AM

I had big adhesive decal trees I bought from etsy lift several layers of structural paint off our old rentals walls :(

How Removable Have Your Temporary Design Solutions Been? Reader Survey
3/9/14 09:48 PM

Portland Oregon source- there are tons of these at Greybar on ne 60th at the I84 overpass (the max stop). They are looking to get rid of them, just go knock on their door.

Before & After: A Wooden Spool Gets Really Cool
2/7/14 03:00 PM

Love the patina that's developed on the counter- shame about the water corrosion issue. I had forgotten about my fantasy for one of those sprayer hoses till I saw yours! Bet it works well with that deep sink.

Such lovely roasty tones in this kitchen.

Ellen & Greg's Renovated Loft Kitchen Kitchen Tour
1/29/14 11:15 AM

I love the use of the blue tiles, esp the ones that are just a smaller strip. A whole wall of shiny colored tiles seems to be a bit overwhelming.

No More White! 10 Colorful Subway Tile Backsplashes Kitchen Inspiration
1/28/14 05:35 PM

But, but... It "covers" stains? Disappointed as that's not a fix in my book.
I've yet to meet a grout that Oxyclean remove the stain from.

We Tried It: The Miracle Grout Pen Test,
Before & After

1/27/14 10:21 PM

I would add:
A level
A non contact circuit tester (beeps to let you know where live wires are. Great for all electrical work and when drilling into walls).

Evaluate Your Tool Kit: 12 Basic, Essential Tools to Keep on Hand for DIY Projects
1/27/14 10:02 PM

Darn... Why are none of these baseball cards?
<has a bajillion card boxes in basement

25 Inspiring Ideas: Repurposing Old Toys
1/15/14 11:38 AM

Also listening to the wall details...
In our basement we have spalling like that in the corners. We think it's related to our downspouts and are planning to address diverting the water away from the foundation better with French drains and rain barrels.

Haven't researched skim coating and other repair issues yet (and oh look, there's another project!).

It has got to feel great seeing your cleared out basement now! Good job!

Dabney's Cure: Basement Progress Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/15/14 09:56 AM

The university of Oregon has this in their student union down by the craft center. As they get lose overtime them make a nice clacking noise. I like the square ones!

Renovation Inspiration: Cartolina's DIY End-Grain Block Flooring
1/10/14 10:07 PM

A wonderfully realistic home!
I want to draw all over those exposed lightbulbs hanging over the bed :)

Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort House Tour
1/10/14 05:04 PM

This really wants to be a pullout drawer instead! The Container Store sells bamboo ones that are pretty sweet.

Tara's Cure: Tackling the Tupperware Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/10/14 05:01 PM

same problem here- do not understand the shortly installed hand towel thing.

thanks for the inspiration, gonna jump on it NOW :)
(says the girl who took 1 month in the new place to install a freakin toilet paper holder)

Kim's Cure Project: Refreshing the Bathroom Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/9/14 02:20 PM

Does anyone know if this would also work for sweet potatoes?

How to Grow 100 Pounds of Potatoes in 4 Square Feet
1/3/14 06:12 PM

Oh I use to live with almost this exact bathroom (and same set of issues). Adding that bathmat will make the experience much warmer! People are telling you to ditch the vinyl curtains- however I'm going to bet they help lighten your shower experience by letting in the light from that window... How about a compromise: keep that vinyl by the window side, and add on top nice fabric curtains that you enter your tub through.

Reglazing the tub will run $300 - $600. More if it's the second time around. If you NEED that option, make sure to research hard for a UV application option in your area to minimize the fumes/environmental impact to your home (this would be a great AT post topic).

Tips for Improving Shower in Rental? Good Questions
12/10/13 12:04 PM

last I checked plexiglass is pretty stinking expensive. maybe I was looking at stuff that's too thick.

I wonder if these are "stuck" vs "hung". Like maybe with some of those temporary 3m strips that go with the hooks (the ones that release when stretched down).

A Backsplash Solution for Rental Kitchens: Fabric Under Plexiglass Kitchen Inspiration
9/7/12 01:03 AM

This summer I ran into having too many mushrooms coming at me via my csa. I tossed them in the freezer in paper bags, where they dried *perfectly*.

I've been doing this with mushrooms since.

How to Store Mushrooms: Two Methods
1/11/12 02:52 PM

boy do I feel like a dissenter...

cause nothing is worse than a kid playing know-it-all to a parent who doesn't need it.

I'd ask them first if they have skill issues/problems with their knives to see if this is an issue that needs resolving.

But maybe I just see this as obnoxious because I don't have this problem :)

How To Cope With Your Parents' Dull Knives
12/9/11 04:39 PM

noting they are shelled in the photo. Do people really sit down and de-shell their squash seeds before roasting? </boggled>

Waste Not! Roast Your Squash Seeds
11/1/11 11:34 PM