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This was a post I came back to just to read more of the comments. I guess it says something about a site when the comments become more entertaining than the design posts...

Temporary Wall Art: Writing with Glitter & Glue
9/21/10 11:50 AM

ooohhh... yummy. We are finally escaping our non-native midwest locale to join family in southern CA next year... articles like this just give us more to look forward to! For now one of our favorite things about visiting in winter is access to fresh healthy food.

Hollywood Farmers' Market: A Bright Spot in Winter Hollywood, California | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
1/20/10 11:35 AM

It's cool, but the dogs already think the living room is a playground - I can picture them leaping on and sending books flying through the house.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Possible DIY? The See-Saw Bookshelf
10/1/09 02:18 PM

ty8975: Thanks for your post - I was thinking exactly the same thing!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Big Plants Indoors?#comments
6/24/09 03:11 PM

My grandmother always made frothy jello and I've never known how she did it (I LOVED it that way). I was thinking it had egg in it but maybe she just whisked or beat it? Does anyone know how to make it completely frothy?

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Recipe Review: Strawberry Gelatin
5/27/09 11:17 AM

I love all of it... but most especially the lamp in the first photo!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Kathleen & Chet's Antique Market Style Chicago
5/11/09 01:26 PM

Awesome! It looks great! I, too, liked the silver and almost didn't look at the "after" pic, but it is beautiful.

@ebenfield - maybe there is a better site for you to read and post on where the projects meet your museum-quality standards. Get a life.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before and After: Alyssa's Silver Baroque Chair Makeover#comments
5/6/09 06:46 PM

We use coasters. Some of the cozies above look cool, but I wonder if they might get soggy from the condensation around the glass? It might be weird to have wet yarn or felt around the glass.
I like the look, though, compared to the neoprene beer can cozy kind of thing that's usually around.

Apartment Therapy New York | Five Cozies for Sweaty Summertime Glasses
5/1/09 10:41 AM

I agree with LilyC... supporting local businesses when you can swing it helps all those "cool" places in your neighborhood be able to stay open. We don't spend money every day on coffee or lunches, but we do like to go out to local restaurants two or three times a week for drinks or dinner - our neighborhood restaurants/bars are a great community and it is something we really enjoy.

As someone who experienced a serious "survival" phase for quite a while - it's not such a fun game when you've lived it in reality.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Try It Out: Survivor Week!
4/30/09 09:34 AM

I love a lot of the cleaners and scents listed in the article. I'm all about natural and have worked in the environmental field for years... but not every item and product in my home has to be "all natural."

Many of the products touted as "green" these days aren't all that much better for the environment than "regular" products. I'd hate to see AT switch to ONLY talking about "green" products.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Aroma-Apartment Therapy
4/30/09 09:12 AM

Your place looks so comfy and cheerful! Great job! My first place had one $6 chair from a used furniture store and a mattress on the floor - LOL. You've got a great eye for doing a lot with a little!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Kelly's First Post-Collegiate Apartment Little Division #37
4/16/09 10:54 AM

ohhhhh! I love it!

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Dahlush's Textured Home Tiny Division #35
4/14/09 02:21 PM

I love your place! Definite thumbs-up from me. Your artwork is awesome and seems to go really well in your space.

I think the biggest "No No" is a person who finds the need to post rude/critical comments when others bravely show us their homes. Funny that it seems to be the same posters most of the time.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Joel & Maria's Miami Modern Small Division #13
4/14/09 10:37 AM

I think I'm missing something... how does it save water or energy to wash the same glass six times or so rather than washing six different glasses at the end of the day? I guess this concept is making the assumption that you'd drink the same liquid all day long? I don't think I'd want the same coffee/juice/tea/soda/wine/water glass all day to save a little water usage.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Simple Green: Use One Glass A Day#comments
4/12/09 10:29 AM

Unless an artist has designed the piece to be displayed low or on the floor, I generally think artwork (especially framed or posters) looks better hanging on walls.

As a slightly un-organized procrastinator, I have enough stuff on the floor already.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Look! Art on the Floor
4/10/09 09:49 AM

You have inspired me! Thanks for sharing your home.

We are smack dab in the middle of combining two households into our new shared "together" space and have very similar issues - mix of art deco/mid-century, similar size space, etc. - in place of the giant husky we have two very shed-dy Australian Shepherds.

I love your eye for design and the amazing space you've created. I'm now inspired to continue tackling our own issues here. Thank you!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Bingo's Corner Apartment Small Division #07#comments
4/10/09 09:41 AM