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I think if you made sure it was OK with the former owner first, sending a picture once in a while would be nice and reassuring that the pet is happy and adjusting to his/her new home. That said I'm sure some people may want to just close the chapter and not look back.

Giving Up Your Pets: A Happy Ending
4/8/13 05:57 PM

I love all of these.

Garden Inspiration: DIY Fairy Gardens Roundup
4/8/13 05:44 PM

I always get distracted and my chic-peas get a little too hard. I have tried them not prepared by me and really like them. Mine, not so much.

Party Recipe: Spicy Oven-Roasted Chickpeas
12/13/12 04:18 PM

Love the look!

Hang a Horizontal Wreath
12/4/12 05:00 PM

I've always know them as hedge apples as well. At least they do make a nice decoration because I have no idea what else they can be used for.

Autumn Decor Idea: Hedge Apples
10/2/12 05:58 PM

Pretty much every time! I think with experience you can figure out if it's going to taste good. Having said that, I may think twice if the new recipe also requires a new technique of which I am unfamiliar. I did prepare a meal for guests in a tagine once, used too hot of heat and it cracked. It was the first time I had ever tried cooking in one.

Do You Ever Make A Recipe For the First Time…for Company? Reader Survey
7/23/12 12:09 PM

@TINYHANDS - my thoughts exactly!

Would You Date Someone if You Really Dislike Their Style?
7/23/12 12:03 PM

I have used this method and it works great. I would only want to say you need to get the corn out right after it comes out of the microwave. It still works if you let the corn cool off a bit but it does not slight out of the husks a easy.

Smart Tip: The Fastest, Easiest Way to Shuck Corn Is With Your Microwave America's Test Kitchen
7/10/12 11:09 AM

I only know one person who has made it clear he hates cilantro. He said it tastes like soap. I hear that is pretty common among the non cilantro lovers. I'm pretty sure I know more people who don't like it but they have never been that direct about it. I can't imagine salsa & guacamole without it. Taste buds are a funny thing. I don't understand someone not liking strawberries either but it happens!

Do You Hate Cilantro? It May Be Genetic. Gizmodo
5/24/12 09:49 AM

We had a family friend who had a chair lift on her stairs. I remember riding it up and down the stairs probably the entire time of our visits. She was probably glad to see of go home!

What Impressed You About Other Homes As a Kid?
5/18/12 04:07 PM

I'm with many other posters, beer out of a bottle or can seems pretty safe.

What Drink Do You Order at a Bad Bar?
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5/14/12 09:19 AM

15 minute commute to/from the dog groomers! Ha!

5 in 15: Five Spring Cleaning Chores To Conquer in Fifteen Minutes
5/8/12 03:10 PM

I just thought of another one or two. When the person in line in front of me either leaves their cart in front of the area where the next person would unload their groceries. Or when they place their cart sideways at the area where you bag your groceries leaving no room for the person on the other side. These pet peeves don't happen every time. Like I said before, I like grocery shopping and think of it as putting culinary possibilities together or finding some really great treasures because I have to go down every isle.

What's Your Grocery Store Pet Peeve? Reader Survey
5/3/12 02:18 PM

Mine is also the isle blockers. I always end up annoyed and when squeezing past them I say "excuse you". Someday I know I'll say it to the wrong person on wrong day but I can't help myself. There is also a cashier I try to avoid, she is slow in checking the stuff out and then always says something just strange enough that I feel uncomfortable. Regardless of the once in a while annoying pet peeves I actually enjoy grocery shopping!

What's Your Grocery Store Pet Peeve? Reader Survey
5/2/12 05:37 PM

Peanut butter on both slices of bread with the jam (not jelly) in the middle, no butter. Make sure the peanut butter is spread thicker on the outer edges of the bread to seal in the jam. Any kind of wheat or multi-grain bread is fine. My real preference is to mix the peanut butter and jam in a bowl and spoon the mixture onto bread slices cut into 4 squares so it's kind of like a dip.

Ruth Reichl's Secret to a Sexy PB&J Gilt Taste
5/2/12 10:22 AM

@BLUE-EYES, you are so on point with the observance of the rude guest. He was a friend of a friend and always had poor social skills. I hadn't thought about him in a long time and can actually look back at that time and find it funny now!

Dinner Party Planning: How Much Meat Per Person?
4/10/12 12:34 PM

I'm a log. And like emmelemm it's hard to wake up. Any kind of music or other noise just gets incorporated into what ever I'm dreaming about.

Catching Some Z's: Are You a Log or a Feather?
3/26/12 02:12 PM

I'm impressed with the shoe collection in the second pic!

All I Own: Photographs by Sannah Kvist
3/2/12 02:33 PM

Although not intended for a chew toy, I just purchased a couple interactive puzzles for my dog. She has to move some of the parts around to get to a treat. She loves it! Highly recommend for dogs who need to be busy all the time!

9 Well Designed Dog Toys: Aesthetically Pleasing Things to Chew On
2/29/12 05:21 PM

You can pour boiling water over them and the skin slides right off....a trick my grandmother showed me when she was going to can beets. The last ones I prepared I just left skin on and roasted and ate the whole thing. Yum!

What's the Best Way to Peel Beets?
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2/10/12 10:44 AM