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Just gorgeous. I love the solidness of the dining table, the stairs (reminded me of those at the Damien Hirst gallery shop in London), the industrial yet warm bathroom tiles and the puppy mop rug (what a cutie!).
Can I ask what you coated the concrete floor with? Thx.

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1/20/11 11:43 PM

Have you considered getting a rescue kitten?
We have a very petted/ jealous/ highly strung/ peco affected (eats material/ plastic bags etc) but loving neutered stray cat whom we have had since he was a kitten. When he was 3 or 4 we found another several week old kitten. He was a tiny little fella with mites and gunky eyes due to an infection, so we kept him in a cardboard box for a couple of days until the vet gave him the ok. All the while the cat is sniffing at the box, peaking in, listening to the new mews etc. When we introduced them the cat was a bit put out at first but soon took to mothering the kitten- grooming and cleaning him. They are now like peas in a pod, who spend several hours a day grooming and snuggling along side a healthy hour of so of play fighting to fill the day when they are not snoozing.
Is your drama cat speyed? What sex and age was the rescue cat? If they were of similar age she may have felt threatened or if she may feel that while she can put up with the other fella another one just pushed her over the edge.
You could try fostering a rescue kitten... drama cat`s mothering instinct may kick in or the big fella may take on this role, leaving drama cat to her own devices. By fostering rather than adopting you can watch the dynamics without worrying too much if it all goes pear shaped.
Of course, explain to your daughter that the rescue centre is always looking for temporary moms and that she has been chosen for an exciting new project to bring up a kitten for a few months. It will take her mind off the loss of the rescue and if it works out ok I`m sure the rescue centre would be happy for you to adopt the growing kitten.
It is only natural for her to cry over the loss of the rescue, but it is an important life lesson that she will get over. If she has lost a close family member or if anyone in the family has been ill she may be transferring this grief/ fear onto the death of the rescue. I am sure you are doing all you can to help her.
The following kids books all deal with the issue to death. Perhaps another reader can recommend one of the books personally?

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2/5/10 04:23 AM

Hi Laurel~

I can empathize having lived in a variety of Jpn rentals over the years. I would opt for some tall skinny storage units on either side of the vanity unit which will not only provide you with much needed storage space but will make the whole area cleaner.

Then I would hang a curtain/ blind/ screen across this whole area.

Your best bets would be muji, ikea,

IKEA has tension shower rods for about 900 Yen (in silver or white) which should work to hold up a curtain of your choice to block off this area; you could opt for one of their material shower curtains here if you are worried about damp or condensation. Rods- Y1990 130-240cm or 110-200cm 890Yen

Muji has wheeled plastic storage boxing PPストッカーキャスター in a variety of sizes. There is a huge muji store in Ginza which is your best bet. If you are not in Tokyo, you`ll have to order online or check for your nearest store.
They also have 70-120cm tension poles in silver or white

Bellmaison has スリムキッチンラック surimu kichin rakku or スリムストッカー surimusutokka in a variety of untis in widths/ heights:
- solid white ;17 or 25.5cm width and varying heights.
- all frosted; 17 or 25.5cm width and varying heights.
- the following unit has a frosted glass upper section and a solid lower section with varying widths; 15, 20 25 and 30 cm.

Oh, and the good old 100 Yen should have some tension rods if you want to experiment in the meantime.

Hope this helps.

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1/29/10 02:55 AM

It`s actually a hair salon.

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1/26/10 01:00 AM

Hoovering, sticky rollering the throws (although this turns into a daily activity when they are casting), having a mini-spring clean in short bursts so not to loose motivation (eg. will sort out those plastic storage boxes in the hall closet), changing the candles scent- spice or vanilla in aut/winter and orange or grapefruit in spr/summer, have an air flow going as much as possible (open windows on opposing sides of the apartment or living/ bedroom at a minimum. Regular dusting helps heeps, but having jewelry in bowls in an expedit unit turned out not to be the wisest idea as they attract tumbleweed.

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4/22/09 11:43 AM

If you have floor to ceiling windows, I`d opt for a lounging area with floor cushion, circular glass/ perspex table (make the most of that view), with a sculptural lamp (base situated in the right hand corner) overhanging the space to make it more intimate; preferably round to soften the angles. Use sheer curtains draped on the floor (white or dyed (not an intense shade) to compliment your colour scheme; unless you have a white carpet- in that case opt for a dyed sheer colour). TV cabinet on left hand wall, with a chaiselongue corner sofa facing it (situated against the right hand wall in a backwards L shape, with the chaise longue side next to the lounging area. Extend the width of the breakfast bar and lower it to dining table height and use this as your main dining area... then retiring to the lounge area for coffee and desert!
Alternatively or if you don`t have floor to ceiling windows as suggested, place a glass dining table in place of the coffee table idea, same TV/ sofa positioning, and keep the breakfast bar as a quick meal area.
For the bedroom, bed against left wall facing the door with a vanity table or wide chest of drawers (against the right wall) with a large mirror mounted on the wall above and material cushioned stool. Opt for heavy material drapes in a tone that compliments the bed linen- to soften the angles and create a more lux. atmosphere.
Just my pennies worth but hope it opens up more ideas for you.

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4/22/09 11:33 AM

Gorgeous little super-funtional space- love the pink!
Am sure Kitty moves his litter tray in a little secret corner- mine get stage- fright sometimes if I walk in on them, so they would love this.

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4/21/09 11:16 AM

Beautiful minimal space.. sleek lines, using materials honestly with touches of personality...adore the courtyard and would live there in a second. i missed voting, but would have given it a firm thumbs up.

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4/21/09 10:40 AM

Both of my feline furbabies enjoying lounging everywhere. One of them clawed our sofa until we put a throw over it and then he stopped. If only we`d thought of that initially we could have saved the future expense of recovering the sofa. For de-furring, I keep a sticky paper roller (not very green, but works far better than any of the other options on the market in my opinion) hidden in every room for clothing and textiles.

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4/21/09 09:09 AM

Am loving the bed linen and pillows- can anyone tell me where they are from? I`ve had a look at Pottery barn, Crate and Barrel and The Company Store, but can`t seem to find them.

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4/8/09 12:03 AM

Beautiful space. I adore sleek stark designs where the lines are clean, and ones bits and bobs are all hidden away.
Muji in Japan have embarked on an apartment redesign project with a `reform company` there and are creating similar spaces in terms of the layout- not the look though- harking back to the days when all ones posessions were kept in huge cupboard with sliding doors.
Agree with Trumystique in that I`d like to see more texture to break up the uniformity... or the introduction of a few deep amber of deep purple glass pieces that would work really well against all the the black.

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4/7/09 11:37 PM